Work Less, Play More! Increase Your Productivity By 75%

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Happy Thursday, friends!

We’re hanging out in the Baltimore airport getting ready to board a flight for our weekend getaway to Connecticut and New York. It’s been on our bucket list for a while to see the changing fall leaves of the northeast, and we’re almost there! Today, though, we want to take just a minute to chat with you about something we haven’t always been good at — but are starting to be more intentional about — and it’s doing incredible things for our daily productivity in our business: time management.

We read somewhere that in a given 8-hour workday, the average person actually only gets two hours of work accomplished. TWO HOURS! That’s it! That blew our mind. That means that 75% of most people’s workdays are wasted on social media, talking with colleagues and coworkers, and other things that aren’t, well, work. Again, we can’t remember where we read or heard this, but the article/person indicated that, since most people stretch those two hours of work out over an 8-hour workday, they don’t even realize it! It’s a slow bleed. The non-productivity masks itself with occasional work. Once we became aware of this, we started paying closer attention to how WE were spending our time, and we were guilty of it, too!

It was little things that we didn’t even realize. A few extra minutes on Instagram, getting lost in reading news/entertainment sites online, checking in on Facebook and scrolling through even after we’d seen everything in our News Feed, text conversations with family and friends that turned our house into one constantly dinging bell, and on, and on, and on. So, we made a challenge for ourselves. One day, we decided to cut all the distractions and see how much work we could get accomplished in two straight hours if we had a plan, a goal of what to accomplish, turned off our phones, didn’t talk to each other (about non-work-realted things), and just worked with good old-fashioned focused intensity, as if those tasks were the ONLY things that mattered in the world for those moments.

And you know what? It worked.

We got more done in those two hours than we did the entire day before. THE ENTIRE DAY! Now, does that mean we stopped after two hours of work and called it a day? No, of course not! But re-wiring our brains to work like that every day (we slip-up sometimes and fall back into our old habits) has allowed us to do one of two things most of the time:

1. Get our daily “to-do” list done in two hours and start on our long-term goals and projects the rest of the day. This is HUGE for us because, for so long, we felt like we couldn’t get ahead. We were always working IN our business and never felt like we had time to work ON our business.

2. This one happens less, but sometimes things come up and we need to take half a day off work for family or friends or something else. When we’re diligent in those few hours of precious work that we do have, it gives us the flexibility to either take care of everything first thing in the morning and then head out for the day without feeling guilty, or get things tidied up at night if we can’t get to our computers during the day.

Okay, so here’s our challenge to you, friends: keep track of how you’re spending your time for a few days, and then, a few days from now, make a list of everything you want/need to get accomplished that day (keep it realistic), then sit down distraction-free and burn through it. No Facebook. No Instagram. No text conversations. No personal emails. Nothing that doesn’t have to do (as military men might say) with the mission. Then, see how much more you’re able to get done, and how much EXTRA TIME you have to work ON your business or just take time off to BE with your family!

Good luck, friends! We hope this helps you like it did us!





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May 31, 2016

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