Why Photographers Need To Have A Client Management System In Place!

Most of us are not JUST photographers! Many of us may be editors, consultants, album designers, administrators, problem solvers, stylists, a parent, house keeper and chef! Oh how I’d love to have a chef!! With having three young kids and a growing business, setting up a client management system for our clients was a HUGE GAME CHANGER! For the last few years, we have been able to organize our clients all in one place with Pixifi. Pixifi has saved us time, brought organization to our business and has brought our professionalism up to a whole other level!


A lot of us are praying for just a few more hours everyday! Can I get an Amen?! A few years ago, when a client would book with us, we would give them a paper contract and a questionnaire to fill out and because mailing is not convenient, and is time consuming, it could take days to weeks to get our info. Show of hands­ who enjoys going to the postoffice? With a company like Pixifi, we are able to easily edit our contract and questionnaires, and send them electronically. Now, we often receive contracts that same night!



A client management system, like Pixifi, allows you to keep everything in one place. In our Pixifi account we have electronic contracts, online questionnaires, and surveys for our brides. You can even track your finances and workflow! One neat feature is you can set up template emails and have them automatically send at a certain time. It is almost like paying for an administrative assistant! For example, a lot of photographers will have it set up to send an invoice of the wedding balance two months before to remind the client of their balance. One of our favorite capabilities is that we can keep the notes of our couple all in one place. For instance, they may have told us in their initial meeting how they met and fell in love, or they may have mentioned to us a certain photo they had to have for their wedding day. This allows us to easily keep track of those little details that allow us to be more thoughtful in our interactions with the client.




When we send out documents to our clients, it is very important that everything we send out to them looks professional. We love how we can connect our branding to our Pixifi account so our documents include our logo. A proper client management system helps us as a professional organization. No matter what type of system you have for managing your clients, it is important to have a system in place for organizing everything. Saving yourself and your clients time, as well as having an organized and professional process for how you manage your clients and important detail gives you an advantage in the industry!




March 30, 2016

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  1. This is awesome! I can’t wait to start using Pixifi and to learn more about this! 😀

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