Top 5 Vendor Gift Ideas

Photographers often have the privilege of being one of the first hires for the wedding day! This means that we want to really impress the hires before us. For the majority of weddings, this is the venue or the wedding planner. Behind most great venues is the venue coordinator who is the point person for the wedding couple. These people have POWER. These are the people we want to build a great relationship with for many reasons.

Spoiling our wedding venues and vendors is a great way to open the door to that relationship or simply just appreciating them for what they do.

Here are some fun gift ideas to spoil venues and vendors you would like to work with more:

#1 – Photo Session

A lot of times, venue coordinators or vendors have families or are in a relationship, or even just need a headshot. What a great opportunity to give these people first-hand experience on what it is like working with you. Not only that, but their images may even be displayed on their desk giving them a perfect reminder to tell their clients about using you!

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#2 – Spring Flowers or Beautiful Succulents

A simple flower pot or even a single potted flower can be the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. If you can brand this with a ribbon around the pot or even a special card, even better. Not only do these brighten their day, but every time they walk by their flowers on their front porch, they remember the nice gesture you did for them.

#3 – A Treat That Stands Out!

Occasionally, we love to bring our favorite vendors a treat that is different. One of our favorites that we have done before are delicious, good-quality caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. These are a fun, affordable gift to drop off! Maybe you even have a treat that goes with your brand – macaroons, ice cream gift card, famous chocolate to locals etc.

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#4 – Office Decor Piece

Who doesn’t love a fun or beautiful accessory for their office? This could be a good quality photo frame, a canvas with a motivational quote, a cool statue, or even just a good quality notebook and pens that go with yours or their branding.

#5 – Motivational Mug

A fun or cute mug is the perfect practical gift for anyone. You can get mugs with fun colors, or a little quote to motivate them on their day!


Do you give vendors gifts?? What do you like to give? Leave a comment sharing your favorite vendor gift!


June 14, 2016

1 responses on "Top 5 Vendor Gift Ideas"

  1. Love these ideas! I consider giving my vendors personalised diaries for 2017 with some of my photos in and my contact details on the front. 🙂

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