Top 5 Tuesday | Best Christmas Gifts For Photographers!

:: Written by Matt Kennedy

It’s that time again, where our friends and family ask us what we want for Christmas and we go through the list of stuff that we’ve so far not found valuable enough for us to buy it for ourselves, so we get other people to buy them for us even though we probably don’t need them. Well, if you’re wondering what you should ask for for Christmas, then here are a few things you might love.

1. Yongnuo Flash Triggers ($50 each)

These are the possibly the best hot-shoe triggers on the market, and they’re also the best price! Their build is solid, they are super trustworthy, and they can be used in HIGH SPEED SYNC! If you’re looking for more flexibility with your off-camera flash, you should check these out for sure! We use the YN-622N i-TTL Model for Nikon.


2. MagMod Flash Accessories ($89)

This is a really great system for accessorizing your flash and getting fun new effects out of your gear. I would suggest the MagMod 2 Basic Kit for $89.95. It has the color gels you would want, and the honeycomb grid you’ll love!
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.19.38 PM

3. Lexar Workflow HR1 ($120-$180) ($59 hub + $30 each reader)

This is a great Multi-Card Reader that you can customize based on what type of cards you use. I use CF and SD cards, so I got 2 SD inserts and 2 CF inserts and I can transfer 4 cards all at once through one USB 3 cable. It’s an awesome way to set it and forget it when it comes to backing up your cards after a long wedding day.


4. Holdfast Moneymaker Dual camera Strap ($215)

If you’re looking for a SWAG BOOST, or just something to carry your cameras better, you have to check out the Moneymaker. It’s a stylish alternative to the dual Rapid Strap by Black Rapid, and you’ll literally feel like a BOSS when you’re wearing it!


5. Spyder Holster ($135 Single / $235 Dual Camera)

Maybe not as hipster as the Moneymaker, but definitely conversation worthy! Everyone at the wedding will think you’re carrying guns and will want to do fake standoffs with you all day long! But for real, if you want to get all of that weight off of your shoulders, then the Spider holster is your best bet.


Happy Shopping!


May 26, 2016

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