10 Ways to Start Getting Traffic to Your Photography Business

You’re educated and ready to start making your dream of owning a photography business come true. You’ve got the Facebook, Instagram, and website set up but the only people visiting your site is your mom. Your mom isn’t buying your photography packages.


I created a blogging, social media, and hustle strategy when I owned my wedding floral design business that was 2 months of blog posts, and it generated over $40,000 in booked weddings. After selling my floral design business it generated traffic + clients for the new owners without them touching it for a year!


Here are my Top 10 Ways to Get TONS of Traffic to Your Site:


1) Write blog posts that educate your brides.

You have so much knowledge to share with your clients! When brides are entering into the wedding planning phase there is so much they need to know, and you can help them out.


Here are some examples of blogs you could write:

  • How to pick the 5 best colors for your wedding
  • The best time to have an outdoor wedding in (your town, your state)


The best types of educational blog posts are: Lists, How to’s, and Step-by-Step’s. 


Share these blogs on Pinterest + social media!


2) Pitch on your social media accounts!

Most business owners forget that it is your job to ask for business! You’re supposed to when you own a business, it’s not salesy. You’re not selling someone something they don’t need, when it comes to photography people either need it (wedding photo’s) or want it (family photo’s), they’re either going with you or someone else.

Make a graphic in Canva and say very specifically who you’re looking to book (beach brides, fun families) and send them to your website.


Image by: Sara Jeanne Photography
Image by: Sara Jeanne Photography


3) Be a guest on a podcast, tv show, or radio show.

Offer your tips and tricks about being a wedding professional or tips to a bride on a podcast. Pitch your idea to a local tv station or to a radio show.


4) Blogging to give you local traffic.

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. In the past, backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a webpage. A page with a lot of backlinks tended to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google.” – WebConfs


As a wedding professional, you can use this technique to backlink venues, other wedding vendors, or even places you want to book.


For example, you can create a blog post that’s:

  • The 4 best rustic wedding venues in (your town, state)
  • The 10 best sunset spots for engagement photo’s in (your town, state)


5) Get your weddings on bigger blogs + wedding publications.

Get your website linked on bigger sites that have more traffic and more eyes on them! Instead of worrying about your traffic, use someone else’s that already is driving more traffic. It can also boost your SEO to get your website on site’s that have more traffic like a large wedding blog, publication, or a magazine website. Two Bright Lights is a great tool to help with this!


6) Getting the most out of sharing your work through your blog.

Capitalize on all the links, google images, and keywords. Make sure you’re linking all the vendors in your blog posts. When uploading photo’s, use keywords to name the photos.


For example: instead of saying “jamieandjohn3”, you can name it “nycbotanicalgardenwedding”, so when a potential bride is searching for this venue and wedding ideas, TADA! Guess who pops up?


Don’t have your own pictures? No problem, even better way to connect with other wedding vendors! For example: if you’re a floral designer, sharing images of your work from a couple different weddings, credit + link all the photographers. Email them + tag them on social media saying you featured them on your blog. Connections = hello more money!


Keywords: Make sure you’re using keywords your bride would be searching for in your blog posts. You can use Google keywords tools to find keywords that brides are searching for. Hint: The best keywords have high search, low competition.


Now the next best thing you can do to get traffic is to set aside a couple hours at a coffee shop and plan out your blog posts for the next 2 months! Use all the techniques I taught you, and stick to your strategy for at least 30 days.


Think about it, I set aside 2 hours in a Starbucks to generate $40,000 worth of brides because I stuck to the plan and did the work. You can too!


Image by: Sara Jeanne Photography
Image by: Sara Jeanne Photography


7) Guest post your knowledge!

Sign up for HARO, where reporters from big outlets are always looking for your knowledge and contribution.

They have quick pitches every day where they’re looking for help and reporters come from tons of different sources like Huffington Post Weddings and Brides.com.


8) Engage on Instagram.

Follow venues or vendors you would love to connect with and show up in front of them consistently. That can include liking their photo’s, commenting on their Instagram, and then eventually reaching out to them. By the time you reach out to them they’ll be familiar with you or saw your name. Consistency on social media can go SO FAR. Do this challenge for at least 30 days and watch your traffic go up.


9) Engage in Facebook groups.

Create 3 types of posts: educational, celebration, authentic, or motivational. Share these in groups with other wedding vendors, photographers, or brides. Don’t forget that vendor relationships (referrals) are in the top 3 ways brides book. Referrals can come from other brides or other wedding vendors.


10) Facebook + Instagram Ads

Pay for someone to run them, take a course, or boost a post once. These ads can be amazing traffic drivers if you know what you’re doing. Don’t invest too much if you have no experience.




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10 Ways to Get Traffic to your photography business! By Shannon DePalma

April 5, 2017

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  1. Great advice! You said “For example: instead of saying “jamieandjohn3”, you can name it “nycbotanicalgardenwedding”,”. I do this already, BUT I normally label it “nyc botanical garden wedding”. Should there be no spaces? When people search nyc botanical garden wedding, it still ranks even without the spaces in the words? Thanks!

  2. thanks a lot for providing this information here.

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