Show your “Behind the Scenes”

Reality shows are still popular!

Movie bloopers are sometimes one of our favorite parts of the movie!

We will even watch the Taylor Swift world tour documentary because we love seeing what things are like off the stage!

We may not be Taylor Swift (ok not even a little bit close), but your audience will connect with you even more when you show the behind the scenes. You may notice that a lot of times if you post a photo of the actual beautiful photo you took vs. an iphone photo of you fixing the bride’s hair before the photo…..that the photo of the hair fixing is more popular!

If you have a second shooter or a partner in your business….be sure to start getting photos of each other! If you don’t have a second….hire one for just one of your weddings and get them to take photos of you to use throughout the year. Some are going to be embarrassing. Some are going to be fun! Don’t be afraid to post these on a regular basis.

When we are culling photos, we will color code the ones for the bloopers/behind the scenes so we have easy access to them. For the ones that make the client galleries, I make a secret collection called Matt & Carissa and I will slide any photos of us into there so I can easily find them.

This may seem like the popular and maybe overdone post among photographers, but remember your clients or potential clients may be seeing it for the first time.

When we look at our blog stats….the “Behind the Scenes” blog post at the end of the year is our most popular post by a mile!!

Check out our favorite and most embarrassing post of 2015 –  “Behind the scenes



May 26, 2016

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