Shoot & Burn OUT?!

It’s rare to find a photographer that doesn’t feel overwhelmed. It is very common, however, to find photographers that either have another full time job, are full time parents, or are hustling to make photography a full time job! The possibilities, responsibilities, and the checklists are never-ending. If you are like me, you just never feel like you are caught up!!


Burn out is a real thing! Very quickly you can find yourself at a point of having health problems or problems focusing as a result of the stress. If you have an entrepreneur spirit like us, as soon as things start getting slow, you take on more projects, but it is time for a conscious decision to take things off your plate instead of adding more and more. Be ok with doing less. Schedule days where you let yourself relax and do what normal people do. Fridays are generally our scheduled day to stay away from work. We’ve actually sent our kids off to school and snuck back in bed to catch up on our latest Netflix series occasionally. By taking a day off, you will find yourself even more energized with your business. So don’t be afraid to take a break!


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Don't shoot & BURN OUT! Find out how to keep going without burning out.

August 18, 2016

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