Cheat Sheets – Volume 1 & 2


Quick Tips for Wedding Photographers

An easy-to-use tool to keep in your pocket or camera bag. This is a full set of wedding day cheat sheets you can quickly reference for must-have shots & poses, camera settings, & MORE!

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Ring Shots! We are packing up the gear from a long wedding day and just as we are about to head out the door, we remember “RING SHOTS!”… The rings were not with the couple at the beginning of the day and we totally forgot to shoot them! That really happened one time… or maybe 5, but who’s counting? Then, we have to get all our gear out and try to be creative with off-camera flash for our late-night shots of the rings. The truth is that whether you are a beginning photographer or a seasoned professional, there are countless details and shots to remember to get. The more you shoot, the more it becomes second nature to get all of those details and to know what is important, but there are still things that can be easy to forget. Not only is it hard to remember every single shot to get, but there also may be times where you’ve been shooting for an hour and a half and you have run out of ideas of how to pose the wedding party and you need a creative boost!


The International Academy of Wedding Photographers is all about being a resource for photographers and we wanted to create an easy-to-use tool for photographers to keep in their pocket or camera bag! We have created a full set of cheat sheets you can quickly look through on a wedding day to remind you of the important “must-have” shots & poses, key camera settings, and lighting tips. It’s like having a seasoned pro standing next to you giving you pointers throughout the day!


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