Prepare for Busy Season –– Part 5: Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

Busy season is fast approaching for many of us and we want you to enter this season prepared and ready to rock it! We’re sharing our 7 MUST-DO action steps before the busy season arrives. Check them out below!


1) The Emergency Kit!

2) Create & Update Your Client Workflow

3) Avoid the Shooting “Hangover” – Get in Shape!

4) Equipment & Gear Prep

5) Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

6) Boost Your Backup – COMING SOON

7) Take Advantage of Your Momentum! – COMING SOON



Being a wedding and portrait photographer definitely has its perks, but one of the hardest thing about this job is that we work when no one else is working! If our business is growing and building momentum, all of a sudden we realize that we don’t have any weekends free this summer, or even next summer! Not only are our weekends filled up, but during busy season we can quickly get backlogged with shoots we have to edit and deliver too! If we have family and friends wanting to spend time with us, this season can quickly make us “not present” and can be very difficult for ourselves and those around us.



It is important to be pro-active and plan ahead to ensure this season of heavy lifting on the work side doesn’t hurt our personal life. Here are some tips on things I’ve done to make the busy season not as overwhelming as it used to be:



I think the whole world knows by now that we preach outsourcing as much as possible. We weren’t always like this. We can edit. Why wouldn’t we edit? Cleaning our house is easy. Why on earth would we pay someone to clean our house? These were exactly my thoughts and I thought it was way too extravagant to pay someone to do such simple tasks we could do in a few hours. In our state of being overwhelmed, I gave in and we decided to TRY handing over some of our editing and had a cleaner come in twice a month. The reason we preach about outsourcing so much is that it literally changed our life and our business. First, it freed up DAYS of time and we finally had time to be present with our family, which we couldn’t afford not to do! Secondly, once we handed things off to an assistant and an editor, our business exploded! With the extra time we had, we were able to focus on growth and marketing, rather than working in our job! We now were doing the $50/hour job, rather than the $10/hour job! If you expect to have a lot on your plate coming up, TRY IT! For editing, it does take the time of going back and forth to get your style just right in the beginning, so you want to do it NOW, rather than waiting until you are backlogged!



If we just give our family and friends our leftovers, there may not be any time left! If you want to spend time with your loved ones in the summer, get it on the calendar and make it a priority. Book those camping sites or hotel rooms. Have a list of things you want to do together! As I write this, I’m talking to myself as well. I have a calendar full of weddings and sessions, but I haven’t put very many personal things for us on there yet for just our family. Not for long…hold me accountable!




One of the most overwhelming things for me is not having enough time to work. It is hard when you have a lot to juggle, especially if you are balancing home life and trying to be present with your kids! Just like your personal time, be pro-active with your work time. Set a schedule so you have consistent times when you work. If you have kids, make sure you have times that you are working where your kids are cared for, so you are able to focus!


Many of us don’t plan to be overwhelmed!
We wait until we are drowning before we realize we need to do these things, but it makes it harder to set up and organize.

Set yourself up for success professionally and personally this year!

Plan to have your life back this busy season!


7 Must Do Steps BEFORE Busy Season Arrives!

May 21, 2019

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