Prepare for Busy Season –– Part 4: Equipment & Gear Prep

Busy season is fast approaching for many of us and we want you to enter this season prepared and ready to rock it! We’re sharing our 7 MUST-DO action steps before the busy season arrives. Check them out below!


1) The Emergency Kit!

2) Create & Update Your Client Workflow

3) Avoid the Shooting “Hangover” – Get in Shape!

4) Equipment & Gear Prep

5) Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

6) Boost Your Backup – COMING SOON

7) Take Advantage of Your Momentum! – COMING SOON



A while ago, at a wedding, I realized that one of my cards was being super finicky and it was taking longer than normal to be able to take a picture! Capturing the moment is kind of a big deal when you are a photographer. If our equipment is not in tip-top shape, we run the risk of seeing unwanted marks on our photos from an unclean lens or maybe even putting your photos at risk by using a card that is old and on its last leg!


Make sure that at least once a year you are giving your toolkit a facelift or an update.


Here are a few things we do to get ready for our busy season:

1) New memory cards

Memory cards are one of the most important items in your photography toolbox. Invest in high-quality memory cards every year to ensure your images and your clients’ precious memories are as secure as possible! Also, it may seem difficult as there are so many options for equipment, but having extra memory cards can be extremely important in shooting multiple weddings and ensuring images are safe (as one of the many backups) until final delivery!


2) Lenses & Cameras repaired and cleaned

Your lens is what gives you a crisp, professional image. Ensure your lenses and cameras are at their top performance to endure your busy season. Be sure to give yourself a lot of time if you need to send one or two off for repair, as it can take weeks!


3) Backup systems

Nothing compares to the pit in your stomach when you realize that there are photos missing!! Things go wrong! Sometimes very wrong! It can happen with a bad card, with missing a file when transferring, or something happening to your back up! Ensure you have multiple hard drives to ensure your clients’ images are safe in any circumstance. Purchase a high-quality hard-drive (ideally 2-3), as well as the ability to store images in the cloud. Be sure to get a new solid drive too, as some can be finicky and run into problems if it gets accidentally unplugged.



Creating and keeping stunning images is our job,

let’s ensure our equipment allows us to do the best job possible!

Make sure that at least once a year you are giving your toolkit a facelift or an update.

May 21, 2019

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