Prepare for Busy Season –– Part 3: Avoid the Shooting Hangover

Busy season is fast approaching for many of us and we want you to enter this season prepared and ready to rock it! We’re sharing our 7 MUST-DO action steps before the busy season arrives. Check them out below!


1) The Emergency Kit!

2) Create & Update Your Client Workflow

3) Avoid the Shooting “Hangover” – Get in Shape!

4) Equipment & Gear Prep

5) Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

6) Boost Your Backup – COMING SOON

7) Take Advantage of Your Momentum! – COMING SOON



The Countdown is ON!!


As busy season approaches, I’m getting ready by heading back to the gym (and maybe because swimsuit season is coming too!). I have become a big fan of outsourcing over these last few years as it has allowed us to focus on things we are good at and want to do. Does anyone wish they could outsource working out?? Sadly, after much research on the topic, I realized this couldn’t happen! Wouldn’t that be the dream though?

Sure, I love the proud feeling I get after I’ve come home from the gym and I love the extra energy and other benefits I get, BUT doing the actual exercise, NOPE! Don’t like it!

Soooo what on earth does this have to do with getting ready for our busy season with photography?

Photography is a PERFORMANCE SPORT! Maybe you have the weekends lined up with mini sessions? Maybe you’re a wedding photographer and all of a sudden feel like you’ve become the other bridesmaid, entertainer, wedding planner, along with being the photographer! It takes a huge amount of physical and mental strength to be a rock star for 10-14 hours straight!! There is no one telling you it is time to go on a 15-minute coffee break every 3 hours or to grab some water or a snack. Instead, we feel like we’ve been hit by a truck the next day – or as it’s commonly called, the shooting “hangover”!

When we don’t work out or eat healthy on a regular basis, it is harder for us to keep up with the demand of a full day of shooting, especially if you have to do it all over again the NEXT DAY!

I’ve really noticed a drastic difference in my energy, focus, and recovery from a wedding day in seasons of not working on my health to seasons where we have. When I haven’t…I feel drained very quickly and I’m not giving our clients the best of me for the most important day of their life.


If you already take time out of your week to devote to your health, we’re proud of you!

If you haven’t, it isn’t too late to get started.


Here are some tips that have really helped us:

1) Set a schedule each week

With my work and personal schedule, I also plug in specific times that I’m working out. For me, it is best in the morning right after the kids go to school because if I shoot for later I will make every excuse why today doesn’t work! For myself, I usually do a step class on Monday, a group power class on Tuesday and Thursdays, and maybe the elliptical at our house on Wednesdays. Guys, don’t be impressed just yet, I just started this 2 weeks ago 🙂 But if it is written down on a schedule, it is more likely to happen!


2) Get a partner

Having someone to keep you accountable works wonders! Find a friend to join you and hold you accountable. You can go together and check in with each other daily to make sure you’re meeting each other. It makes it harder to back out if you have someone waiting for you!


3) Go to a set class

I love going to classes, as not only does it give me a set time I need to go, but it also pushes me to go longer and harder in my work out. I go to an all ladies gym and it is embarrassing if the 75-year-old lady beside me is beating me at the push-ups! Look up local community centers or gyms that you can participate in!


4) Cut down sugar and carbs

I haven’t really gone crazy at all with my diet, but I am trying my best to cut down my our sugar intake (which is very difficult for my sweet tooth), as well as replacing simple carbs for things like veggies and fruits!



You ready?! My goal is to have arms that look like Jasmine Stars!

What is your goal for this week to keep you active and eating right?



May 21, 2019

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