Prepare for Busy Season –– Part 1: The Emergency Kit!

Busy season is fast approaching for many of us and we want you to enter this season prepared and ready to rock it! We’re sharing our 7 MUST-DO action steps before the busy season arrives. Check them out below!


1) The Emergency Kit!

2) Create & Update Your Client Workflow

3) Avoid the Shooting “Hangover” – Get in Shape!

4) Equipment & Gear Prep

5) Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

6) Boost Your Backup – COMING SOON

7) Take Advantage of Your Momentum! – COMING SOON



The Countdown is ON!!


If you are like us, you’re getting ready to move into your busy season with your business!! Family photographers, Wedding Photographers, Lifestyle photographers… a lot of us are coming up to the season where there are just not enough hours in the day to cross everything off the list!

It’s funny that once busy season comes you feel like you are running on a treadmill and you only have time to be reactive instead of proactive! We felt this way a bit last year. We didn’t have much of a break in our season last year and I remember during our weddings thinking, “Oh! We need to start doing this for our next wedding!” or adding this to our emergency kit and then saying that exact same thing the next weekend because there just wasn’t enough time to do it in between each wedding!

At one of our weddings the bride, Stella, spent the morning getting ready at her parent’s home. Just before the groom arrived her bridesmaids helped her into her gorgeous white wedding dress.  She looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile when she saw her stunning reflection. The dress she had been dreaming of and searching for months was finally on and looked absolutely perfect! It was finally time to see her groom, and when he saw her she took his breath away! Because it was an Asian wedding, they invited all of their family to do a traditional tea ceremony before the rest of the day’s festivities. Stella and her soon to be husband stood side by side as her mom and aunt brought over the tea. All of a sudden, her mom bumped the tray as she was sitting down and the cup of tea fell all over Stella’s perfectly white wedding dress. She screamed! Others were trying to remove the stain with water and cloths, but it was spreading more! Before she could get upset, Matt & I calmed the situation by getting towels and our emergency wedding kit. We took out our Tide pen and started applying it right away to the large stain. The stain was gone in 5 minutes! Everything looked as good as new. PHEW!! The rest of the day continued and we did everything we could to go above and beyond to serve our clients.


How to save the day when a bride spills something on her dress... a wedding day emergency kit!!


No, it may not be our responsibility to do anything other than to take photos at a portrait session or on a wedding day, BUT we have an amazing opportunity to go above and beyond in so many ways! It not only can save the day (like with Stella’s dress) but to just show your clients you care about more than just the lighting and posing, you care about their experience and doing everything you can to make their session or the most important day of their lives incredibly special.

Are you a family photographer?? This applies to you too! Obviously, the sessions aren’t as long and there aren’t as many emergencies you may encounter, but there is still a lot of opportunities to save the day. For example, want to win the kid’s heart (and the stressed out parents)……. bring fruit snacks!

Creating a Photography Emergency Kit is such a simple thing we can do as photographers to save the day, not only for our clients but for us too! As photographers, we don’t have the luxury of taking a quick 30-minute break to run to the nearest store to grab some headache medicine if our head is pounding. There is no time to stop. If you don’t already have an emergency kit, this is the perfect time to get this organized. If you wait until the wedding day or the session, it may not happen! It can take a bit of work initially in gathering everything you may need, but once you have it, it is easy to just bring along! You would be very surprised how often things like bandaids and safety pins can save the day and help you stand out as a photographer that serves your clients!


We just re-vamped our kit this week and wanted to share some ideas of what you may find useful for your kits:

– bandaids

– medication for headaches and sore muscles (this comes in handy for us too)

– breath mints

– fashion tape

– command hook

– dental floss

– ponytails / hair ties

– mini hair spray

– lint brush

– tide pen

– makeup remover

– bobby pins

– stomachache medication

– women products

– granola bars

– water

– fruit snacks

– chapstick

– clear nail polish


7 to do things before your busy photography season - Part 1 - The wedding day emergency kit!


Create an experience that stands out! Be prepared!



As a photographer, we often think that the most important part in running a great photography business is shooting, but the reality is that to run a successful business 80% is BUSINESS and only 20% is SHOOTING.

We don’t just want you to be prepared for Busy Season, we want you to feel CONFIDENT in running a business that is PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL! This equals more clients, more money, and less work!

If you need an extra boost to get your business to the next level and start seeing the results you want, the Business Bundle is for you!! Including all things Business, Branding, Marketing, and Client Process, this is a one-stop shop!!



May 21, 2019

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