One of Marketing’s Super Powers!

Let’s say you were choosing between 2 website designers….Ace Designs and Base Designs. Both have gorgeous work on their site. Ace is $1500 and Base is $2000 for a new design, but then you notice that Base has some client reviews on their site…


“I’m in love with my new site from Base Designs!! They really listened and understood the direction I wanted to go with my brand and created something WAY MORE than I could have imagined. Since launching my new site, I got 10 new bookings in the first month!! They really go above and beyond – you have to use them!”


Which company are you leaning more toward now?


An amazing review is POWERFUL.


Hopefully you have clients that are blown away by your work and the incredible client experience during or sometimes even before working with you, but do your potential clients know this?? If you are not displaying these amazing raves on your facebook page and website, you are doing a disservice to your business. Positive reviews are DECISION MAKERS for people or at minimum they reinforce a great decision your clients have made.


Word of mouth is powerful and the funny thing is that people don’t even need to know who the people are that are giving the great review.


In Michael Hyatt’s book Platform, he claims that endorsements “provide third-party validation and social authority. They make it easier for potential gatekeepers and customers to say yes.” He goes on to talk about how relying on a positive review or endorsement has become normal for a lot of us because there are so many options. AND if you look at photographers….there are definitely a lot of options out there!


What if you don’t feel bold enough asking your clients to say nice things about you??


Here’s what we do to incorporate it into our workflow:


  1. After the final delivery of images, we send our clients a little survey asking them questions like:
    1. What do you think Matt & Carissa’s greatest strengths are?
    2. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond with our client service, are there any ways they could do better at this?
    3. We are so incredibly thankful for your response; if you are able to write a review that we can possibly use on our website, that would be extremely helpful!


What do we do with these reviews? SHARE THEM!! Make sure you include these on your website. A lot photographers include these on their pricing page. This may give a potential client that little push and comfort they need to go ahead a click the “contact me” button!


Happy Booking!


May 31, 2016

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