ASK THE PROS: What are 2 of your “must-do” tasks in the off-season?

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Q: What are 2 of your “must-do” tasks in the off-season?



Re-vamping my online portfolio and setting major goals for the new year!



Refresh your portfolio and submit every wedding to Two Bright Lights for publication.



Other than REST a bit (which I think is so important), here are 2 things I do every year:
A). Goal set for the next year, which involves really taking a deep look at the previous year, how the goals for that year were met, and trying to discern and dig through what worked and didn’t. Then I plan for the next year, charting out small changes to implement in various areas, with attainable plans for how to make it happen!
B). Basic and easier but so important: I update all my portfolios on my website and all client documents. From pricing to helpful suggestions, a lot changes each year! And those portfolio pictures stay mostly the same all year until off season, so I go through each wedding/e-session and pick the best of the best to add to my portfolio!



1) REST! Take time for yourself by putting the camera down, spending time with loved ones and maybe curling up on the couch to binge a TV series or have a movie marathon. “Treat yoself!” 2) Regroup. Take the time to map out the next few months and the goals you want to achieve, then create an action plan to work toward those goals.



My favorite thing to do in the off-season is to review my workflow and processes… what has worked, what didn’t work as well as I hoped, and to see where I can be more efficient. To figure out where the bottlenecks are that may be holding me back from delivering the ultimate client experience. And to uncover the parts of my business that I really don’t enjoy so I can outsource them to someone can do them as well, if not better than me. The other important task to do in the off-season is to update my portfolio on my website to show my best work to ensure I am attracting the right couples who want to work with me!




What helps you sell more albums?

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How do you stay productive and focused?

How do you set yourself up for a successful year?

February 8, 2018

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