The ONE thing we wish we had done differently

Our team of rockstar moms are at it again! This time they’re sharing the ONE thing they wish they had done differently in their businesses. They don’t get a do-over, but we hope that you can learn from their stories and help to make your business and life even better from the start!




JODY GRAY of Zach & Jody Photography

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I wish I didn’t try to be “super mom” and do it all on my own at first 🙂  It caused a lot of unnecessary stress!

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ALYCIA WHITE of Alycia White Photography

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I wish I had treated my business like a business and not an extension of myself my first several years. I spent a lot of time worrying that if my business failed, it meant that I was a failure. I lost time with my girls because I thought the building of the business was more important and “it was just a busy season…it will slow down”. But it never does. It’s always busy. Love up on those munchkins.

ASHLEY SCOBEY of Scobey Photography

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I wish that I were more adept at shifting gears. I have a really hard time taking off my work hat and putting on my mom hat (and visa versa), so when I have days where I’m constantly changing hats (which is, like, every day) it gives me a lot of anxiety and it makes me a less than patient person. I’m working on getting better at it!


CARISSA KENNEDY of Matt Kennedy Photos

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I didn’t take maternity leaves. I didn’t really get to experience what it was like being a mom that folded laundry watching Oprah while my kids napped. I would rush to the computer to get as much done as possible and at bedtime I would get so frustrated if my kids weren’t going to bed as they were creeping in to “my” work time. I let my work time really interfere with my personal life and family time. I was constantly stressed out by my checklist. Don’t let your business be your identity. I have a lot of regrets of how I spent my time and even my thoughts. I wish I had been more strict with my office hours and was ok with doing less than other people in the industry.

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LATASHA HAYNES of Ike & Tash Photography

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I wish I would have walked my own path from the beginning, instead of waiting three years to figure out that it’s okay to do things MY way and for what makes sense for me and my family.  


VERONICA BRASHLER of Drew Brashler Photography

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The main thing I wish I could change is the amount of time I put into myself. During our busy season, it’s more time effective to answer emails during my normal gym time, and to wear pajamas all day, but it leaves me feeling out of sorts. I’ve been slowly working on making time to read books, get to the gym everyday, and plan healthy meals. It does amazing things for you mentally when you feel like you’ve got it together!



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I wish I was better at managing the house and my business. When it comes to priorities a clean house falls dead last. I used to be good about cleaning up prior to sitting down to work in the morning but some days even that gets pushed aside when there is business related work to be completed.

Photo Credit: Bethadilly Photography




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What is one thing you wish you had done differently in your business???




Don't repeat our mistakes! Moms in Business share the ONE thing they wish they did differently.

August 18, 2016

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