12 Marketing Tips You Need to Use in 2017

With the new year here, it’s time for you to focus on what is most important for your business: booking ideal clients. As one of the top marketers in the wedding photography industry, ShootDotEdit, the wedding photography editing service, spends quite a bit of time interacting with successful wedding photographers. We asked them to share some of the marketing tips they have picked up along the way. Keep reading to discover their important tips you can use in your business this year!



It is very important for you to attract and book ideal clients. Marketing is one of the top ways for you to reach out to clients who you’ve defined as perfect for you. Because marketing encompasses so many elements, we are sharing 12 tips to use in 2017 to reach your goals.


1. Identify Your Target Audience

To be most effective in your marketing, identify your target audience. Think about where they are located, what age range they are, what their likes and dislikes are, and the things you have in common with them. When you identify your target audience, two things happen. One – you know where they are and where to find more of them. Two – you know who they are and what they like. This will help dictate the images you place on your website, the words you write on you blog, and the vendors you network with.


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2. Create a Detailed Plan

Create a multi-faceted plan to market to your target audience, utilizing a variety of channels and content. These channels include social media, blogging, email campaigns, and even face-to-face. Create a detailed plan that lists out where you will reach out to ideal clients, and what type of images and content will attract them to your website and blog.


3. Share a Strong Brand Message

Once you decide on who your target audience is, you can build your brand to cater to those clients. This means your website, blog, and social platforms should have branded colors, graphics, images, as well as messaging. When ideal clients access your various platforms, your brand will tell them who you are and what your photography business represents.


4. Showcase Your Best Images

On your website, blog, and social media platforms, it’s key to only display your best images from past shoots. Rather than sharing every image you shot, be selective. Use the best photos to highlight the wedding day and showcase your brand message. These are images ideal clients use to picture their wedding day with you as their photographer, so ensure they are the top photos you take. 


View More: http://mattkennedy.pass.us/paulandcasandra


5. Generate Valuable Content

As an expert in all things wedding, use your vast knowledge to create valuable content for ideal clients. From the engagement shoot, to vendors to hire, to the intricate details of the ceremony, your ideal clients are eager to learn from you and the insights you have. Create blog posts, guides, or newsletters to share your content with ideal clients. Don’t forget to share about your content on your social platforms to attract your followers to your website and blog.


6. Incorporate SEO Techniques

As you create valuable content, pay close attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO helps you rank higher on search engines, and place your content in front of your ideal clients. Include popular keywords with your images, website, and blog that match what your ideal clients are searching for when they are online. When you incorporate SEO techniques, you can increase your reach and encourage more visits to your website and blog.


7. Drive Traffic to Your Website

With each platform you use to share your images, ensure you drive traffic back to your website and blog. On Facebook and Instagram, include a call-to-action and a contact button to encourage your followers to access your website. With your Pinterest page, link images back to your website or blog so clients can see more of your past weddings. As ideal clients reach your website, they can learn more about you and the services you provide. 


View More: http://mattkennedy.pass.us/paulandcasandra


8. Maximize Your Instagram Presence

For you to continue to expand your reach throughout the year, utilize one of the top social media platforms for wedding photographers – Instagram! To maximize your presence on Instagram, include the top hashtags that relate to your ideal clients. Stay top of mind on Instagram when you share your best images, tag clients and vendors with your posts, utilize geotagging, and more.


9. Utilize Advanced Facebook Methods

Another social media platform that is ideal for you is Facebook, especially with its features for business owners. Facebook’s advanced targeting methods allow you to build your target audience, and specify what is their age, gender, relationship status, and connections. You can then use the Boosting feature, which allows you to share content to your target audience, so they receive a custom experience with you.


10. Attract Clients to Your Pinterest Page

One of your main objectives with Pinterest should be to encourage clients to view your images and share them with their family and friends. A simple way to do this is to add a “Pin It” button on your images you share across your website and blog. This action pins your past wedding photos to their personal Pinterest page, where their followers can access the images. Pinterest is a great way to share your images, without having to always do the sharing yourself! 




11. Create Connections with Vendors

Another way to encourage referrals is to create connections with vendors. You can start by sharing images with them from the wedding day, so they can use them to attract clients to their business. When you share images with vendors, they are placed in front of new audiences (who may be your ideal clients). Continue to build your relationship with vendors, so you can place your content in front of more ideal clients.   


12. Study Analytics    

While you try new ways to market to your ideal clients, make use of analytics that go along with programs you use. For your blog posts, use Google Analytics to determine how well content is performing. On Facebook, use Insights to help measure the success of each post you share, and to learn about which gains the most engagement. And finally, for Instagram, utilize Iconosquare to help you monitor and adjust techniques for your business account.


When you spend time building an effective marketing plan, and using various tools to help, you can get closer to your ideal clients. The stronger your marketing is, the easier it will be to share about you and your photography brand. What are other techniques you can use in your business in 2017 to step up your marketing efforts? Our free Guide, Marketing for Wedding Photographers, provides you with 16 unique marketing action items you can implement in your business now. Grab your copy today!






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12 Marketing tips you need to use this year for your business!

January 11, 2017

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