How To Start Winning At The Work/Life Balancing Act!

With 3 young kids and our businesses to run it is consistently a struggle to find balance!! We don’t clock out at 5pm and have the opportunity to just focus on our family. There are evening meetings, shoots on the weekend, a never ending checklist and our office is always right there calling us all the time! Can anyone relate?? Our family and our marriage is important to us though so we are consistently and actively trying to find ways to make sure our priorities are lined up properly!!

Here are some ways we are bringing balance back:


We have to do this often. We look at our priorities in order of importance……is it family? friends? health? work? freedom? money? spiritual health? List out what you want the order of your priorities to be in. NOW, look at your credit card statement and and your schedule… these things reflect your priorities? Do you have no problem spending money on clothes and fashion, but don’t have enough to pay a babysitter so you can go on a date with your spouse? Maybe you really want to make your business a priority this year? Write these priorities out and post them where you can see them! Reflect on these on a regular basis.



It is one thing to talk about what you want to do and say you want to spend more time with your family, but it can be hard to make the change. Set up good habits to allow you to focus on these priorities.  Here are some ideas:

  • Plan out individual date nights with the kids and mark them on the calendar so you are more accountable
  • Have a scheduled “kid” time where you work on a project – maybe you do puzzles after lunch every day with your 2 year old?
  • Reserve every Friday night as pizza and movie night with your family or friends (kids love traditions)
  • Every first Monday of the month is date night and PLAN them out ahead of time and even make reservations. Book the babysitter in advance for all of these dates, so you are committed!
  • Join an exercise class to hold you accountable to getting healthy. Even better, join with a friend.
  • Set days aside that you are not allowed to work and put a sign or office hours on your door to remind you!

My husband, Matt took our 8 year old daughter out the other day for a treat to plan out on the calendar what they were going to do for their daddy daughter dates from now until the summer! She will definitely hold him accountable and they both cherish these moments!


We are a distracted generation! I don’t know about you, but it is amazing how little things like a facebook app or solitaire can suck away 20 minutes before I know it. But, I definitely don’t have enough time to do a 20 minute work out….or do I? Let’s look at your phone as an example. This little electronic is like a ball and chain to some of us. We hear a little notification and as much as we want to fight it, we creep over and HAVE to check it! Do yourself a favor and take off these notifications from popping up on your phone. I have also taken my facebook app off my phone at some points and only use facebook at scheduled times either for work or when I have some free time. This really helps use your “facebook time” more efficiently. Or, even better hide your phone far away from you for periods of time when you don’t need distractions. What else is distracting you? Let’s do some spring cleaning and start living the life we want to live and being the person we want our loved ones to brag about!


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