How to Start Charging More!

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QUESTION: Some look at my work and think I should charge over $3000 for wedding day photography, but I’m am priced at $1900 and no bites! What am I doing wrong? How can I get clients to pay over $3000 with me?


The majority of photographers out there are charging $1000-2000 for wedding day coverage, so you have some tough competition. Some photographers have absolutely stunning photos, but for some reason they are still not able to fill up their calendar with bookings. There are some key factors that will launch you into a higher market with brides begging to work with you! If you put the time and money into these important aspects of your business, it will make a significant difference.

Here are 3 Crucial areas to focus on:


We were at a bowling alley with Zach & Jody Gray at a Seattle event several years ago and I remember asking Jody, “What would you say was the biggest game changer for you guys?” Her answer was simple: Good, Professional Branding!! You can have gorgeous photos, but if it is not supported by a solid and attractive brand, it is not doing your gorgeous work any favours. On contrary, you can have ok photos and a really attractive brand and brides will still book with you a lot of times. Obviously, taking great photos is a huge part of our business, but it just shows that branding is key! It is sometimes hard to fork over a few thousand dollars to a professional designer when you could essentially do it yourself, but this is an area that can be worth the price tag. You will pay back that expense tenfold. In Katelyn’s Branding class with The Academy she fills 2 days with jam-packed information on how to best represent yourself through social media, your website and through personal interactions. The brand is not just about your website and she shows how small and large tweaks can make a significant change in your business. This is an area of your business you can’t afford to NOT invest in!


When you look at the difference between a lower priced photographer and one in the higher market, you can usually see a big difference in their ability to use light! Finding the right light is the most important factor in taking amazing photos! You could be doing family photos and the family wants to do their photos in front of the garden, but the light is harsh….what do you do? A beginner, lower-priced photographer would nicely place the family in front of the pretty garden with the not-so-desired lighting, but the more experienced, high-priced photographer will first look for lighting and position the family in an area that is more flattering with the light with maybe a less desirable background. This makes an enormous difference!! Lighting is more important than the background. If you are not following Justin & Mary Marantz, you should! They are lighting gurus and have several guides and classes about everything you need to know about light! Also, in our Mastering Camera & Posing Class, Matt will take you through an engagement session and wedding shoot on location to give you real examples of how to use the light for your benefit. Lighting is another area that you as a photographer need to be confident in when increasing your prices.


One of the assignments in the Business of Wedding Photography class is to submit a pricing sheet after watching the module on how to price yourself right! Quite often, we see a lot of pricing come through from other photographers where the pricing doesn’t quite make sense and they could actually not be making as much money as they could by restructuring things. Pricing is hard! Before just coming up with prices that sound right, we get our students to really look at how much they need to make, how much do certain products cost and what is the best strategy for laying out your pricing and packages. It is really neat to see the results from them just tweaking a few important things after getting feedback on their pricing.


We are dedicated to helping photographers reach a level in their business so they can work smarter, not harder! It is important for photographers to be able to grow to a place where they can charge a significant amount for their work to comfortably support themselves and their families, while having time to rest and enjoy time with their family & friends.




We are so excited to be opening more spots for The International Academy of Wedding Photographers on June 15th!! So far, there has been an amazing community of photographers taking these classes making HUGE changes to their business and seeing great results!

Over 80 hours of content including:

        • Strategically pricing yourself to be attractive to brides, while making more on your bottom line
        • Refreshing and personalizing your brand
        • Being REMARKABLE with your personal and online marketing
        • Finding the right light to shoot in & posing couples naturally
        • Solidifying your client process from start to finish
        • Defining your post-production process and learning to edit professionally and efficiently



RIGHT NOW, you can take advantage of the 20% off SALE on seats for the package of 8 courses. AND to get an extra 10% off, you can use the coupon code “LearnMoreEarnMore” for a total of 30% off. This is only available for 10 spots!



Here’s what students are saying


“The information provided has been invaluable to our business. We’ve nearly doubled our monthly income since the time we started the Academy, we’ve started attracting the brides and grooms that we WANT to work with, and we’ve been able to really focus on simply doing better business.”

– Ashley Durham



“I have already learnt more from The Academy (and so far I’ve only finished one course!) than I did from my two year college photography program. These courses are the real deal! It’s stuff we actually need and will use! None of that algebra type stuff they teach you in high school!”

Jessica Boldt


“Having this amount of information put together by some amazing and successful teachers is unprecedented. I have not seen anything else like this out there in the market. The time and effort that all of these teachers have put into providing this wealth of information to help better the industry is astounding. I am so grateful to have been able to plug into this community and receive an education that I am confident will contribute to not only the success of my business but also to me as a person!”

Cinnamon Wolfe


“I am in love with The Academy!! The teachers are so open with their knowledge and so genuine. The classes are exactly what I need. And I love that it’s online and at my own pace – with two little girls at home it’s hard for me to have a set schedule. I’m so grateful to Matt Kennedy and everyone else who helped put this together! It’s been the best decision I’ve made thus far in my business.”

– Tara Hilsmann


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