Happy Father’s Day!!!

As entrepreneurs, having a solid support system is so crucial; and if you’re an entrepreneur and a parent, you know that having a hubby who rocks his dad status is pretty much the greatest thing EVER!


With Father’s Day coming up this weekend we wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate all of the amazing dads out there, and highlight some of the wonderful things they do!


We’ve gathered our group of rockstar moms again and asked them to answer the following question:


What makes your husband the BEST dad ever?! 


JODY GRAY of Zach & Jody Photography

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Zach has never put pressure on me to try and do it all, and for that, I’m grateful! He’s also taken the kids on some days where my workload is overwhelming and I need a day to do a bit of extra work and get caught up. We’re a team in business and life.


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ALYCIA WHITE of Alycia White Photography

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He is the best dad because honestly connect with the girls and try to understand who they are and what they are feeling. He validates their feelings and encourages them every day. He doesn’t always remember to feed them but he loves them and that’s what matters 😉



ASHLEY SCOBEY of Scobey Photography

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Is everything an acceptable answer? Seriously, I count the fact that my kids get to have my husband as a Dad among my very greatest blessings in the entire world. He is fun-loving, creative and present with our kids. He also has the patience of a saint. In addition to that, he encourages me to put work/technology/worries away and take time to focus on our family. He helps me to be a better Mom because of the kind of Father that he is.



CARISSA KENNEDY of Matt Kennedy Photos

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Oh man. God really put some sprinkles on when he gave me my husband. Seeing Matt as a daddy makes me so proud. Having a bunch of stubborn, emotional girls in the home is not always easy, but Matt is the most patient person I know. He works purposefully at making sure each of us feel adored and loved. For the girls, he takes them on daddy-daughter dates that they talk about for days and for Zach he spends time with him doing things he loves like playing hockey or playing video games with him.

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LATASHA HAYNES of Ike & Tash Photography

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He is Mr. Mom and takes care of Wisdom’s daily needs.  I am the business person and he is Daddy daycare and Wisdom has the most incredible dad!  It is because of the way he serves her that I am able to pour my heart and soul into what we do as a family for our business.



VERONICA BRASHLER of Drew Brashler Photography

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The best thing about my husband is that he brings joy and laughter to the kids everyday! Drew is the good cop in our house! He’s the one they go to when they need cheering up, when they want to play, and when their toys need to be fixed. The best part? He can do all those things simultaneously!




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There are so many things my husband does that makes him in an incredible father. However, if I am just choosing one I would say taking the time to teach our children not only academic and sports related items but life skills as well. When he was fixing our garbage disposable he called for our daughters to come help. He walked through what he was doing as well as teaching them what certain tools do and how to use them. He wants them to grow up to be strong capable women.

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Say it with me now…. AWWWW!!!! We love hearing about all the amazing dads out there, and want to wish you all a Happy Father’s Day weekend!!!


What makes YOUR hubby the best dad ever???




June 17, 2016

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