Getting Started with the Academy

A big ENORMOUS welcome to everyone who decided to move forward in their business with the Academy!! We are thrilled to get to know you better and work together with you moving your business to the next level!


We’re overwhelmed by all of the students who have already seen their business explode and we want to make sure you see the same success, so here are some tips for you:


1. Just start!

There isn’t going to be a perfect time to begin your journey with these courses, so just start one thing at a time. If you haven’t started yet, just try one module/section this week.


Photo by: @tinybitsofhappiness_
Photo by: @tinybitsofhappiness_


2. Set goals

A lot of our students who have made a goal to finish a certain course in the month are more likely to stick with it. What is your goal for March? Let’s complete a course together!


3. Choose your order

We have a recommended order to go through the program, this allows you to build on the things you are learning. Sometimes though there will be an area that is more urgent to work on than others and that’s the beauty of these courses, you can start and stop with whichever course you want!


Here is the recommended order:

  • Business

  • Branding

  • Master Your Camera & Posing

  • Marketing

  • Natural Light

  • Complete Wedding Client Process

  • Off Camera Flash

  • Post Production

Business Bundle:

  • Business

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Complete Wedding Client Process


4. Take notes 

Buy a nice notebook or use a program online like Google Docs to keep your Academy course notes all together! There is a lot of great material to go through.


5. Be involved in the Exclusive Academy Student Community!

This group is here to help each other out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, comment, and post. This group has been an extremely positive, encouraging and helpful group of photographers!!

If you have any technical questions on how to use the program, please don’t hesitate to email Sara at and for your overall business and shooting questions, this is where the Academy facebook group shines!! We can’t wait to watch your business grow as you tackle your courses!!!


A huge welcome to the new Academy students!! Here are the Top 5 Tips on getting started!

March 6, 2017

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