Is this program just for wedding photographers?

This program is geared toward wedding photographers mostly, however a lot of the content will be applicable for portrait and other photographers as well.

When are your classes?

Anytime you want! All of the classes at The Academy are pre-recorded and on-demand, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere! There will also be live events that you can attend, but they are a bonus! 

What are the professional badges?

The badges validate you as a photographer in the eyes of your potential clients, and the industry. They show that youve dedicated yourself to learning your craft and setting up your business in a way that is ethical and aimed for success, as well as being trained in all the various areas of photography. Earning a badge by completing a course means you and your clients can be confident that youve learned the systems and skills that it takes to be a professional wedding photographer.

What benefits will I get as a Complete Program student?

There are many benefits that Complete Program student will have available to them from our sponsors and within the school itself. The complete program is designed to have added value to encourage students to have a full well-rounded education. 

Some of the benefits of taking the full program are:

-    8 high-quality courses at a more affordable price than taking individually

-    A professional badge of completion from the International Academy of Wedding Photographers

-    The Academy Posing Guide E-Book

-    Special benefits from our sponsors

Is there a deadline on the classes? How long can I take them for?

The Academy wants to provide a flexible timeline to allow convenience, balanced out with providing accountability to get students finishing their courses. With that balance, the students have 2 years from when they register to complete their courses. At that point, students will have the option of adding an extension for a small fee. Once they complete the courses, they will still have access to the videos.

How do the action steps work?

Each course has specific action steps throughout to help you implement the things you're learning. Our main focus with the action steps is to provide opportunities for you to do things that will directly affect your business. For instance, one of the courses asks you to create a pricing guide, while another one asks you to make a client questionnaire that you can actually use for your clients. It is like having a bridesmaid dress you can ACTUALLY wear again! We want to give you practical action steps that you can use to move your business forward.

Are the action steps mandatory?

Our goal is for students to come out of the program with an added confidence, ability, and proper tools to present a more professional approach to their business and therefore, the action steps were created to help students reach these standards. They are not mandatory but are very helpful.

Can I wear my pajamas when I watch?

 Yes, but anything less will not meet the Academys dress code! 😉

What If I have a question to ask the instructor or other students?

We have qualified staff available 5 days a week during regular office hours to help students with their questions (24 hour turn around time for responses). Although the instructors are not available to answer individual questions, they will occasionally answer in the student group or be available for scheduled webinars to answer questions that are not specified in the courses. Our student group on Facebook is an amazing resource (many students claim it's one of their favorite parts of The Academy!) where they ask each other questions, give feedback and advice, and support each other in their businesses and life! We love seeing our students create friendships!

Can I split my payments up?

YES! The Academy offers flexible payment plans for those that do not want to give one lump sum. 

What if I want my money back?

We currently offer a full Money Back Guarantee for 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied with your course or courses purchased.

What if I took one class and have now decided to take the complete program?

If you decide to purchase the complete program after youve already purchased other courses that are offered in the program, then you get a certain percentage off of the full price based on how many courses you have purchased. For example, if you had purchased 2 courses that are offered in the complete program, and then decided to buy the program, you would have paid the regular price for the two individual courses, then with purchasing the certificate you would get 25% off of the program, because 2 out of the 8 courses (25%) have already been purchased.


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