Digital Delivery vs. USB

We got married almost 11 years ago (Baby faces, I know!) and we are so thankful that digital images existed then! A lot of our friends only have an album of prints. Their “Throw Back Thursday” is usually an iPhone photo taken of a wedding print they have!

11 years ago, we had the “latest thing” – a CD of our images. We became photographers 8 years ago and followed suit, buying hundreds of CDs/DVDs and cases. We spent time burning (and re-burning) the images onto the disc, creating labels for the discs and creating covers for the cases for all of our portrait and wedding clients. Then there was the delivery. Oh, the dreaded post office visits or trying to coordinate schedules with clients for pick up! Today, thankfully, photographers have even more options, like USBs and digital delivery! But USB’s still have many of the drawbacks that DVD’s had, just in a slicker design.

A few years ago, PASS led the way of this new technology of digital delivery and we jumped on board right away. I (being the cautious one) was against not giving our clients a physical product like a disc/USB and their free 8×10 print! But, Matt urged me to try it out, and (mark this down on your calendars, because I admit) he was right! It was a HUGE game changer for our business! We gave clients the digitals through PASS and they loved it! If they wanted more art pieces, like albums and canvases, we were more than happy to create those for them and encouraged them to do so at our viewing parties.

We saved hours, I mean HOURS, as well as the packaging costs and overall stress with taking a more digital approach.

So if you’re looking for a few reasons to drop the drives and start sending digital files through PASS, here you go:


You’ll save time and money on supplies, packaging, shipping, and even meeting with your clients to deliver their files. Instead you can choose to spoil them with gifts to give them a tangible “end” to the experience. This also makes you a more likely candidate for destination weddings as you don’t need to be near them to get them their images quickly.


You can sell products straight from the gallery, rather than having them order through you which takes more time and energy. In this day and age it is less likely to bring home a huge profit because of the commoditizing of print products, so why not make it easy and relatively inexpensive for them to get what they want?


I was sure all of our clients would still be requesting a disc as well, but only one (yes ONE) client in the last 6 years of hundreds of clients have we had a request for a disc! Our clients didn’t even blink when we no longer included discs and a print in their packages. In fact, more clients were sharing our images and we were booking more clients! They love having their images at their fingertips at all times!


No matter how careful you are with your computer, USB drives, or hard drives, your house could always be broken into or even caught up in flames! Off-site storage of your most precious memories is SO important! To be able to offer this to your clients is a blessing that they may not have expected, but will appreciate when disaster strikes. AND, they won’t have to come to you looking for files when their disc or drive corrupts and doesn’t work!

With 3 kids and a potty training puppy, we make sure to choose products that simplify our life. Your time is worth more than $29.

For more info on PASS – CLICK HERE


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May 26, 2016

5 responses on "Digital Delivery vs. USB"

  1. I had a hard time reading this post cuz that photo is too darn cute, but its so true. Digitals are so valuable. I understand the value of shoot & sell, but really, I feel those that don’t convert into shoot & share are going to fall out with the times.

  2. I love PASS but just wish the files were of higher quality. I always upload the original size but files under 1mb just don’t seem right to me 🙁

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look into PASS.

  5. Thank you for share. I like It

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