Let’s help you get FOUND! This course is not just designed to show you how to get to the top of google, you’re going to learn so much more that will get you exposure to your ideal clients!

Ben Turner, an SEO-GURU and established educator, shows you all of the steps that you need to take in order to properly SEO your website and blog. In this in-depth course specifically directed towards wedding and portrait photographers, you will learn:

  • How to properly setup with Google

  • How brides are searching online these days

  • How to setup your sites links and tags

  • How, when and what to blog in order to bring attention to your site

  • How to use the power of videos and reviews

  • An amazing strategy for those who are new to an area, or to the industry



Ben Turner is a Photography SEO Expert & Educator based out of Dallas, TX. His wife, Alyssa, has been wedding photographer for over 13 years. Alyssa teamed with Ben to build their successful business by serving their clients, strategic networking and SEO. Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, where he later became a professor of web design and SEO. He has worked in agency settings as a Director of SEO responsible for generating over $20m in revenue for well-known international brands. Ben has taken his scholastic and practical knowledge of SEO to create premium SEO information and services for photographers around the world. Ben has been a presenter at WPPI, United Conference, as well as a writer for Showiteers and featured in various online magazines.


“There’s not a lot out there for wedding photographers specifically about SEO, but this course is geared specifically for SEO for wedding photographers and is guaranteed to take your business to the next level!”

Stefani Ciotti (Los Angeles, California)

“I would say the thing that really stood out in this course was how easy it was to understand, and that everything is easily do-able on your own!”

Randy & Ashley (San Diego, California)

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