This course is jam packed full of everything you need to know about shooting a wedding from the initial inquiry to….


This course is jam packed full of everything you need to know about shooting a wedding from the initial inquiry to the final delivery of images after the wedding and everything in between!  Amy & Jordan walk you through their solid process and give you tools to run a successful wedding business.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • How to win clients over in the initial client meeting

  • Give your clients a great experience before, during and after their engagement session

  • Learn the necessary steps to service your clients well leading up to the wedding day

  • Find out how to create a solid and fun experience on the wedding day

  • The ins and outs AFTER the wedding process from backing up photos, to sharing them effectively to social media and the blog.





Featured in People, E! Entertainment, and The Huffington Post, Amy and Jordan Demos are wedding photographers, bloggers, speakers, and educators based in Phoenix, Arizona. They’re even high school sweethearts! After high school, Amy graduated with the Bachelor of Arts in Education from Arizona State University and Jordan finished his Bachelor of Arts from Grand Canyon University. These elementary school teachers taught two of Arizona’s highest scoring classrooms. They’re the directors of education for the Wedding Industry Professionals Association in their home state, teachers with the International Academy of Wedding Professionals, and have been criss-crossing the country on a national speaking tour with Showit equipping fellow photographers with tools to help them to grow and succeed. Amy and Jordan publish free content for photographers on their blog every week and through their free newsletter, The Monday Minute, and offer workshops as well as online and in-person coaching for photographers who want to get from where they are to where they want to be.



“Amy & Jordan’s class, ‘The Wedding Process’ is jam packed full of invaluable insight, knowledge & experience; they leave no stone unturned. And because they are passionate about what they do, they are just as passionate about sharing it with others, & it’s very evident in this class. I walked away feeling MORE than equipped, encouraged & confident!”

Karen Jezek


“The Complete Wedding Process from Start to Finish” was a game changer. I had been doing weddings for awhile, but there were pieces missing. No matter what I tried there didn’t seem to be a cohesiveness from start to finish. But after this course, there was a fluidity from the time I met the client, until I sent them their last image. Every step of the way now has purpose and meaning. It has made all of the difference to both me and my clients! If you want to build a thriving professional wedding photography business, this course is a must!!!”

Alisa McCormick


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