Learn how to pose individuals, couples, and groups in order to get engaging images every time!


Be confident in posing your clients! Hope Taylor guides you through exactly what she does with individuals, couples and groups to get natural, high-end images. She shows you tips and tricks she uses to get images that stand out through her professional and personal approach to working with her clients. She gives you tools and advice on how to work through difficult situations so you are prepared for any situation. The best part is we take you on location with Hope to watch how she interacts and guides her clients in real photo sessions!

Some of the sessions included: Couples Session, Seniors Session, Wedding Day Sections

Matt will also walk you through all of the important things you need to know about your camera gear and lighting equipment so you know exactly what to do on your shoots to get high-quality images.
This course will cover important topics like:

  • Master posing techniques that help you produce high-end images your clients love

  • Flatter your clients to help them look their best

  • Tips and tricks to navigate difficult situations

  • Look at shooting different aspects of the wedding day

  • Confidence with composition and artistry


MODULE 1: Posing- Couples Session

  • Simple & Difficult Posing Techniques
  • Creating connection and confidence to create stand out images
  • How to get your couples to trust you and have fun
  • Flattering Bodies
  • Finding the Best Light

MODULE 2: Posing- Bride & Groom (wedding day)

  • How does posing affect the client experience?
  • The best way to correct mistakes
  • What order to do your poses
  • How to communicate with your couple to create emotion
  • Tips for dealing with a shy groom
  • Top go-to “Groom” poses
  • Great ways to incorporate details

MODULE 3: Posing Groups (Family & Wedding Party)

  • Impressing the family with a professional & personal experience
  • Roles of primary and secondary photographer during portrait time
  • Helpful tips for family portraits
  • Composition pointers
  • Must have shots of the bridal party
  • Troubleshooting less than ideal bridal parties (uneven sides, different heights, large/small parties)

MODULE 4: Posing Seniors

  • How to gain trust and build confidence 
  • Easy & Creative poses for seniors
  • Tricks to avoid awkwardness & bring out their personality
  • Four different feet placements
  • Hand placements for full body photos & close ups
  • Creating curves/accentuating body types
  • Shooting solo with a reflector
  • Incorporating friends, boyfriend, or mom
  • Giving clear & confident directions to get the photos you want

MODULE 5: Difficult Situations

  • Dealing with different heights (tall guy, short girl or taller bride)
  • Creating natural smiles with less-than photogenic clients
  • Best way to get un-posed, candid photos for the clients that want them
  • Getting great images in a rushed time-frame
  • Making the best of less ideal lighting situations (no shade, only mid-day sun)
  • Handling an overbearing mom and seniors session
  • Other issues that can show up on a portrait session or wedding day

MODULE 6: What to shoot on a wedding day – Matt 

  • Shooting Details
  • Shooting Bridesmaids
  • Shooting Groomsmen
  • Shooting Wedding Party
  • Shooting Family
  • Shooting Bride & Groom
  • Shooting Reception

MODULE 7: Composition & Artistry – Matt 

  • Rules of composition
  • Inspiration vs. Imitation
  • Natural Light Artistry
  • Artificial Light Artistry

MODULE 8: Matt’s Couple Shoots (BONUS)

  • Posing individuals and couples to create natural, professional images
  • Games & tricks to bring out intimate emotion or fun
  • Finding the best light and using it to your advantage
  • Interacting and guiding a session



Hope Taylor is an international wedding photographer based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is also a speaker, educator and the host of multiple sold-out workshops each year. Her journey of becoming a full-time business owner immediately after graduating high school gives her a very unique perspective on entrepreneurship and business. She most frequently speaks on topics relating to social media, building a business based on a personal brand and setting small businesses up for success in their first year. She feels very strongly about educating and inspiring other creative small business owners to fearlessly pursue their dreams while also providing the practical tools that they need to get there.

Matt Kennedy is a local and destination Wedding Photographer & Educator based out of Vancouver, BC. He and his wife, Carissa, have built their wedding photography business around serving their clients and other photographers. Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Education from The University of British Columbia and is excited to teach photographers how to grow their business, and because of his high school teaching background, he is able to do this in a clear and enjoyable way. Matt has been a presenter at WPPI, United and many online webcasts, as well as a writer for F-Stoppers and featured in various magazines internationally including ‘MacLeans’, ‘Brides to Be’ from Australia and Real Weddings to name a few.


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