Be inspired! This marketing course focuses on the most important and beneficial ways to market to your clients and even the people you work beside. Discover valuable techniques on how to have the right clients knocking at your door.

Justin & Mary thoroughly walk you through what their client meeting experience is like by giving practical, thoughtful ideas on how to impress your clients before, during and after.  Here are some of the topics they cover in “Marketing for Wedding Photographers”.

  • Build a great relationship with ideal clients so they become your walking talking billboards

  • Have a website that attract clients and shows you off best

  • BE REMARKABLE in your business and with your clients through an amazing experience

  • Give gifts that will stand out to clients

  • Be a hub for other photographers and vendors

  • Grow your community of evangelists

  • Look deep at your business and pricing and find out what brides and clients are looking for



Justin & Mary Marantz are an internationally renowned wedding photography duo, who travel the globe shooting weddings, teaching, & inspiring other small business owners. Justin and Mary value education and with that, Justin graduated with a BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and Mary received a double BA in Political Science & Philosophy from West Virginia University, a masters in Moral Philosophy from the University of hertfordshire, UK, as well as a JD from Yale University. They have put on their “Walk Through a Wedding” Workshops worldwide including London, Australia, Germany & The Netherlands, took their “What’s Next Tour” across the country on a tour bus, authored their first book- The Guide, presented at international conferences including WPPI and The Dutch Wedding Congress, were featured in Inside Weddings, Style Me Pretty & Martha Stewart, co-founded twin wedding blogs The Black Tie Bride & The Well Groomed Groom… and drank way more Starbucks than any normal person should. And they’re just getting warmed up!


I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into the class, but coming out on the other side has given our business growth AND stability. It has not only pushed us to put the practical ideas into action, but has given our WHY a more defined, driven purpose.

Maggie Trice (Atlanta, Georgia)

Learning from Justin & Mary’s many years of insight and expertise in this industry gave me new creative marketing ideas as well as practical steps that I can begin to implement in my business today! Information that would have taken me years and years to learn on my own, I can now start using immediately to connect with my most ideal clients and start building my very own “freight train of momentum!”

Casie Edwards

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