What Are Your Clients REALLY Thinking?

Every time you look at your LCD screen, what do you think your client is thinking?

“Did I look good in that one?” “Why are they checking so much?” “Do they know what they’re doing?” “Can I see too?”

You may not realize it until you’re in their shoes, but the interpersonal relationship of photographer and client is a really important thing to cultivate. If you want to know just how important it is, book a session with a photographer! Pay money for it too! Don’t just use a friend, and trade headshots. Pay for a session where the photographer will treat you like a real client. If possible, it may even be beneficial if they don’t know you’re a photographer.

You’ll learn more than you think when you put yourself in the client’s shoes, and it will help you IMMENSELY when you’re on your own shoot.

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Some things I’ve learned during sessions we’ve booked:

  • When the photographer says “ummm”, “ok, maybe” or anything else that shows that they aren’t confident, I am not confident in them.
  • If the photographer talks too much, all I’m thinking about is how much time we’re wasting, and how much I’m paying them, and that I would rather them take more photos.
  • When the photographer asks me if I have a side I like, or if there’s anything I would rather do or not do for photos, it’s like talking about the elephant in the room, and I’m more comfortable from that point on that they care about me. I don’t feel more self-conscious just because they know I think my nose is too big. Just hopefully they don’t ask me “Do you want me to try to minimize your nose?”. Let me do the pointing out of flaws thank you very much!
  • Never show them the first photos that you take, but once you get an AMAZING photo that you KNOW they’re going to love, show them on the back of the screen and mention that you want to give them “just one sneak peek”. If you ask them for their feedback or anything else, then they’ll ask to see the next photo, and the next!


What have you learned about your own shooting style while getting your photos taken? Have you picked up any tips on what you can incorporate into your own shoots? Anything you should stay away from doing? SHARE BELOW!




Ever wonder what your clients are thinking on a shoot? We've got the answer!

August 18, 2016

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