Is Your Business On Track, But Not Your Family?

Is your business on track, but not your family?

I am a planner. P-L-A-N-N-E-R! I write lists for everything. Matt & I spend a lot of time all throughout the year writing and directing our plan for our business, and it seems like sometimes the family gets the leftovers of our plans. What we’ve found incredibly helpful is not just planning our business, but creating a family plan and vision for our family. Our families are a higher priority than our businesses, so we need to start treating them like they are and planning ahead helps this happen WAY More!


Start with planning your month! This makes it more simple and achievable.

There are many ways you can lay this all out, but for us, we just write our top 3-5 goals for our family that month, then we write the actions under each of these of how we are actually going to make it happen.


Here is an example of some of ours recently:

  • Spend consistent time with just our family
    • Every Wednesday will be our scheduled family night from 5-8
    • Write specific activities on the calendar – board games, bike ride, plan a summer trip, movie night
  • Make healthier choices
    • Carissa works out – Tues & Thurs classes
    • Matt works out every weekday morning at 6am
    • Go to bed at 10pm, so we can wake up early
    • Give our kids half a plate of veggies or fruit with each meal
    • Smoothies once a day with vitamins
  • Take Friday and Sunday off – no work!
    • Avoid scheduling any shoots or meetings on these days
    • Schedule family activities or dates during these days
    • Arrange family dinners with extended family




What are your goals for your family or your personal life?? Share them below!





November 27, 2017

1 responses on "Is Your Business On Track, But Not Your Family?"

  1. I’m a SAHM, and run a photography business (Alaina Nicole Photography). I hire a mother’s helper every morning for two hours, so I can work on my business and keep my health and fitness on track. It has saved me! It’s great because I can spend time with my son knowing that my business needs are taken care of, and truly be present as a mom.

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