BUSINESS + KIDS | What to do about childcare?

This week we’re talking about different aspects of life when you’re an entrepreneur AND a mom. We started off with the most basic fact: MOMS & DADS CAN’T DO IT ALL, shared some of the BEST tips from some rockstar moms in the industry, and talked about What To Do if Your Business is on Track, but Your Family Isn’t.

Today we’re tackling a trickier subject…. childcare. As most “Mompreneurs” know, it can be extremely challenging to tackle work tasks when little ones are calling for attention, or when you’re being interrupted every three minutes. It can be equally as challenging to figure out reliable childcare while you’re working.


We’ve rounded up our team of rockstar moms again to share their wisdom when it comes to childcare, and this is what they had to say:

JODY GRAY of Zach & Jody Photography

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For me, it was a journey in which I realized that I did not want to work full time anymore. I knew I wanted to be with my first born son more so I personally decided to pull back from the business and go to working part-time. This is what I did!

#1. Selected days that I would be Business Owner and would work in the business

#2. Hired a nanny for those days to watch out kids at our house

#3. Designated the remaining days for me to be Mom

We decided I would work two days a week (Tues & Thurs) and those would be the days our nanny would come to the house and watch Jax.

Doing it this way increases my productivity on Business Owner days because instead of catching a few minutes here and there to get stuff knocked out, I can fully devote my head space to my business. It’s not divided anymore! The days our nanny isn’t here, my To Do list for that day is to be Jaxon and London’s mom. To love on them, nurture them, and be there for them. They are my top priority, and they are my To Do list. And hey, if they go down for a nap at the same time (ask me how I do this.. it’s awesome 🙂  and there’s a few things with work that I can catch up on or check in with, awesome, but if I don’t get those done, no worries, because it’s not on my To Do list that day. It’s a bonus.

This really helped my headspace and has been amazing.

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ALYCIA WHITE of Alycia White Photography

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One kiddo is at school and the other one goes to a well trusted day care once a week. Then I do a kid swap with a friend two other days of the week. One day she takes my little, the other I take hers. I only work two days a week, two evenings a week and one Saturday a month and I LOVE IT. It takes a village and I’ve learned to rely on mine and to help them when they need it.



ASHLEY SCOBEY of Scobey Photography

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We have Mommy days and Daddy days in our family. I’m in the office Monday and Wednesday and then I shoot evenings and weekends. Graham is in the office Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays and our amazing studio manager is there Monday -Thursday.



CARISSA KENNEDY of Matt Kennedy Photos

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We have tried all sorts of options and what we know and realize is that it simply does not work to try and work while looking after your kids. I’m not doing a good job of being mommy while I’m focused on working and I’m not doing a good job being “business woman” as efficiently as I can when I keep getting interrupted to make food or change the channel of another episode of Dora! 🙂 Currently, we have Matt’s mom come in 2 days a week as a paid job to spend time with Gracie while the others in school and during that time she helps with laundry, preparing our meals for that day and other things that allow us to get a full days worth of work in. Matt also takes over one night a week, so I can work that evening. Then the rest of the time, I can focus 100% on our family and home.

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LATASHA HAYNES of Ike & Tash Photography

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Since Wisdom was born, we have brought her with us on our shoots and to our meetings.  She is etched so deeply into our brand and who we are and the experience you receive working with us, that our clients are disappointed when she isn’t around.  She is well trained so she knows how she is expected to act and does pretty well.  



VERONICA BRASHLER of Drew Brashler Photography

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We’ve always placed our children in a preschool from age 3+. While it’s definitely an added expense each month, the quiet time while everyone is at school pays for itself over and over and they’re getting social skills that we can’t always give them! We get all of our work done while they’re at school and we can be a family from the time they get home until bedtime! After that, ice cream & editing time for us! We have a regular Saturday babysitter who comes to our house, regardless of whether or not we have a wedding or shoot scheduled. It helps us have regular dates when we don’t have shoots and, when we do, we aren’t stressing about who will watch the kids!




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My older children are in school and my youngest goes to preschool. However, when she is home she understand that mommy needs to work. My children are excellent at playing by themselves. It’s fun to see them dreaming up imaginary games on the floor while I work next to them.

Photo Credit: Bethadilly Photography


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What do YOU do for childcare while you work???




What to do about CHILDCARE while you're working!

August 18, 2016

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  1. All really great tips from some very talented photographers! I didn’t see homeschooling families represented, I know we’re the minority 🙂 Would love to offer tips for photographers that homeschool their kids or contemplate doing so! It’s absolutely possible and we love it!

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