Best Mom Hacks to Make Your Life EASIER!

Moms are real life super heroes!! But even though we are pros at multi-tasking and saving the world, the responsibilities and children hanging all over you is enough to make you go crazy! I’m not Martha Stewart and I’m no “Pinterest Mom”, but I’ve discovered a few simple ways to make my life easier as a mom and save me time! And when I say these are simple, you are going to realize that it didn’t take Einstein to come up with these, but I think they can be helpful!


#1 – Clothes Organizers

For awhile, my oldest (most stubborn) daughter would take FOREVER to get dressed for school. It was a battle of the wills with us and her so she didn’t go to school looking like a tacky tourist! This trick has saved us arguments and helped speed up the process of getting ready for school tremendously.

I bought an organizer from Target that has 6 compartments. On Sunday, together we figure out her outfits for the week and put them into each compartment. In the past, we have even labelled these with the day of the week. This way she knows what she is wearing every day.


#2 – Tooth Brushes on BOTH Floors

We live in a 3 story house and to get the kids to brush their teeth before they went to school was becoming a challenge because they didn’t want to go back upstairs to do it. By simply buying an extra set of tooth brushes for our main floor bathroom has led to a much easier morning, and nicer smelling breath!

#3 – Sock Bucket

I mentioned that we have 3 floors in our house. The top floor is where the kids bedrooms are and the very bottom floor is our door to the garage where we leave for school. I cannot count how many days we get to that bottom floor and someone needs a pair of socks. To make sure they get to school in time, I have to run all the way up both sets of stairs to get socks.

NOW, when I do laundry, I put half the socks away in their drawers and half the socks in a sock bucket in our basement where their shoes are. Now, we just need to grab a pair of socks and go! Boom!


#4 – Getting Ready Clock

Can you tell that mornings are rough in our house??? My parents have watched our kids a lot as we travel often and my mom took matters into her own hands for helping the kids get ready for school quickly. This trick gives a great visual for the kids and they love it. When she has them, they arrive to school 5 minutes early every time! I think Matt and I need our own getting ready clock.


#5 – The Special Backpack

We have a backpack full of fun little “quiet” toys, felts, coloring books, puzzles, and snacks that we take along with us when we go to restaurants, doctor’s offices or anywhere that the kids need to entertain themselves quietly for awhile. These special items are only used when we go to these places, so they are excited to use them.


There you have it! These are not rocket science, but I’m hoping some of these quick tips are helpful!! I’d love to hear your mom hacks!! Please leave a comment to share your tips!!





June 9, 2016

2 responses on "Best Mom Hacks to Make Your Life EASIER!"

  1. Slow Cooker for everything!

  2. Love that getting ready clock, your mom is BRILLIANT!! For me, taking the time to pack lunch the night before is a huge help! Not rocket science, but makes such a difference. And easy, fast breakfasts like Ants on a Log (whole banana on a plate, spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with raisins) are a favorite with my girls. Thanks for the ideas!

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