ASK THE PROS: How do you set yourself up for a successful year?

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Q: How do you set yourself up for a successful year?



Don’t do anything for the short term. Sometimes your short-term plans aren’t worth the long-term brand building legacy that sets you well in advance! We are always grinding for the macro advancement of our brand!




I’m a big believer in writing down my goals. Putting pen to paper makes your goals concrete, allows them to enter your subconscious, and provides a bit of accountability. If those benefits aren’t enough to motivate you, this next factoid may send you over the edge: People who write down their goals make 9 times more money over the course of their lifetimes than those who don’t. WOAH! My guess is that’s because people who write down their goals actually accomplish 9 times as much over the course of their lives than those who don’t. The money is just a side effect of that productivity.




Set realistic goals. It’s easy to go into the new year with lofty goals about what you can actually accomplish – especially if you’re setting those goals in the off-season. But inevitably life gets busy again and it’s harder to make those goals a reality. We set realistic goals and break them up into smaller, manageable pieces. We also have grace with ourselves when those goals take longer than expected. If you haven’t read it yet, Jon Acuff’s new book Finish is a great resource for goal setting and getting things done.




I set myself up for the year with a vision board of what I hope to accomplish! It has my goals (big and small), both business and personal!




I go over my business plan, the current year, and plan for the next year before the new year starts. I love seeing which goals I accomplished through the year and it helps me remember what things I could do better with on the next.




Set up goals and action steps to achieve those goals. If you want to make a certain amount, figure out how much you want to work to make that amount. Set achievable goals and far-reaching goals, set minimums but hope to exceed them. Kind of like snowballing debt with Dave Ramsey – set up easy, manageable goals so you get the thrill of accomplishing those first but keep your eyes on the big prize!




I set goals – lots of them, all based around my word or phrase of the year, and what my core values as a person and a business are. At the beginning of the year, I’ll write down yearly goals, then break them down monthly, weekly, daily, and into tasks and subtasks. I assign due dates to things, bring on people to help when it’s needed, and always write down “What, Why, How and When” I’m going to do things. I think keeping in line with my overall mission and vision is absolutely vital for seeing the success I want.

December 14, 2017

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  1. This is really inspiring! I am looking forward to the “Ask The Pros” weekly question. What a great way to help keep some inspiration going. Thanks!

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