ASK THE PROS: What’s your best tip for handling stressful situations?

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Q: What’s your best tip for handling stressful situations?



Breathe! On wedding days, if anything goes wrong, I always present 3 options to the bride to find a solution to the problem at hand. Timeline running late? Offer her 3 suggestions to help the problem (less portrait time, a later intro to the reception or family formals later on) and let her choose the one she’d like!






Remember to breathe! You’re the pro! When we get frazzled, it’s not helping anyone.



Don’t let the couple see you stressed – something I’m still working very hard on! Turn your back, or excuse yourself to the restroom if you can to regroup. Weddings won’t always be smooth sailing. But when you PLAN the day out, there’s less room for stress. So that might mean sitting down with the couple at the consult and drafting a timeline with them so they can see how the day will plan out!



Take things one step at a time. Take a big breath, count to 10, and then move forward. Everything is easier when you focus on moving one step forward at a time instead of trying to make GIANT leaps.




What is your favorite business-related podcast right now?

How do you stay productive and focused?

How do you set yourself up for a successful year?

December 14, 2017

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