ASK THE PROS: What was the best business decision you ever made?

Welcome to our ASK THE PROS series! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite professional photographers and asked them all a handful of questions. Every Wednesday for the next few months we’ll be featuring a new question, answered by various pro photographers. Be sure to check back each week for the new question and answers! And be sure to join us on Instagram or in our exclusive Facebook community to join the discussion and answer the weekly question yourself too!



Q: What was the best business decision you ever made?



Prioritising Print products for my clients!



Hiring a professional to create our brand (Melissa Love is amazing!) because perception is reality, AND educating ourselves about the business-side of things – not just the technical.



Finding the value of my time. When I stopped taking on any client who came and really focused on who and how I want to spend my time – everything changed!



I would say probably to invest in hiring out stuff I’m not good at or don’t have time for. This year I worked extensively with a graphic designer and a VA to help with publishing content for my podcast and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without either of them!



The best business decision I’ve made is investing in a good website & blogging. Creating a professional website gives your company more credibility. Blogging on a regular basis and sharing your tips and shoots shows not only your work but also your expertise in your industry.




What are 2 of your “must-do” tasks in the off-season?

What helps you sell more albums?

What’s your best tip for handling stressful situations?

What is your favorite business-related podcast right now?

How do you stay productive and focused?

How do you set yourself up for a successful year?

February 8, 2018

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