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The International Academy of Wedding Photographers takes the utmost care in delivering the highest level of practical online education for wedding and portrait photographers.

We aim to provide photographers with comprehensive online training and standardization both on shooting and building their business so that they can provide a solid service to their clients.

They will learn from current and successful photographers and educators on how to run a thriving photography business.














  • Provide a well-rounded education for wedding photographers. Not only will students improve their craft, but they will gain practical knowledge in laying the foundation of their business, as well as learn the proper marketing tools to grow their own business.

  • Offer superior education at a very low cost. Art and Photography universities and college programs can total $50,000+ in tuition and fees. The Academy gives photographers the opportunity to take part in a more compact program at a small fraction of the cost of other programs.

  • Create accountability while learning. Throughout the courses, students will be given hands on, realistic action steps, creating tools that they will be able to use in their everyday business.

  • Maintain standardization and professionalism. The Academy students have the opportunity to group complementary courses to be awarded a professional badge of completion. This badge represents a standard of professionalism in the industry.

  • Give flexibility of learning by providing everything online! With the busy lifestyles we all have, students are able to complete their courses from their own home, whenever they want.

  • Provide education that is specially designed for Wedding Professionals. We are excited to offer a program that focuses on wedding professionals, rather than a huge range of other artist types that may not be related to many photographers. The Academy aims to be intentional with the way we help you grow your business.

  • Offer first-rate training from gifted Educators. The Academy selectively choose successful leaders in the industry that uphold a high integrity to motivate students and push them to a higher level of business and life.

The Board of Directors consists of educators, business persons, financial managers and experienced professional photographers who qualify as the Academy's overseers under the PCTIA requirements.

They meet together formally quarterly each year to ensure the International Academy of Wedding Photographers maintains an excellent reputation.

Jeremy Low
Financial Advisor
Nigel Terrett
Business Consultant and Senior Vice-President
Rob Buzza
Retired College President



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