8 Simple Ways to Pose the Wedding Party

While most of your time at a wedding is focused on the bride and the groom, you will also spend

a lot of time with their wedding party. The bride and groom choose these people to be by their

side and, depending on the party size, shooting many people at once can be a challenging task.

To help you easily work with the wedding party during the wedding day, our

friends at ShootDotEdit are sharing a few simple posing tips.



Here at ShootDotEdit, we see plenty of wedding shoots, which include some inspiring wedding

party images. Up until the wedding day, you spend much of your time getting to know your

couple, but you do not necessarily spend the same amount of time with those they chose for their

wedding party. Since the wedding day flies by, and you may have to work with large

wedding parties, we have 8 simple ways to pose them to create images your couples will love.


The Bridesmaids

1. Capture Candid Moments

While you shoot the bridesmaids, let their personalities show. Have a few laughing shots – even

if it started as staged, the laughter becomes contagious. Keeping it candid will also help them

relax, and laughter can be the perfect stress reliever. The more relaxed they are, the more natural

their expressions will be.


8 Simple Tips for Posing the Wedding Party Well - Bridesmaids
Image by Matt Kennedy Photos


2. Move Them Close Together

As you pose the girls, move them close together and have them embrace one another.

Another trick is to keep the bride in the foreground and the bridesmaids bunched together behind

her. This will help single out the bride, while the bridesmaids accompany the shot in the



3. Highlight the Details

Before the shoot is over, always consider their details, no matter how elaborate or subtle. Did the

bride and her bridesmaids do something fun with footwear—cowboy boots, flip-flops,

skyscraper high heels? Have them hike up their dresses for a shot of those amazing shoes. Make

sure to capture those little details that can so easily be forgotten.


The Groomsmen

4. Shoot THEIR Details

Similar to the bridesmaids, the groomsmen have unique details they want to showcase in their

photos. Whether they are wearing sunglasses, pocket watches, cuff links, or crazy socks, these

are details you should highlight. Every detail can be used to complement the groomsmen by

adding elements of uniqueness and diversity in each appearance.


8 Simple Tips for Posing the Wedding Party Well - Groomsmen
Image by Matt Kennedy Photos


5. Showcase the Individual Personalities

For the groomsmen, the rule of keeping it candid is just as ideal as for the bridesmaids. They

know each other better than you know them, so there is sure to be one guy who can draw out the

natural smiles and laughter. Like the bridesmaids, the guys also have different personalities you

can showcase in the images you produce.


6. Focus on the Groom

Whether the groomsmen are standing still or walking, have the groom in the center and use the

groomsmen to accompany him in the background. If he’s shorter, try having all of his

groomsmen sitting around him. If he’s larger, try shooting downwards to thin him out. Always

make sure to pose the groom in a way that makes him the focal point of the images.


The Wedding Party

7. Use a Simple Pose

When it comes to posing the wedding party, start with simple poses to help make the group

comfortable. Place the groomsmen next to the groom, and the bridesmaids next to the bride.

Have the wedding party angle their bodies slightly toward the couple to draw the attention to the

center of the frame. Simple poses like this are perfect to ensure you get a great shot right away.


8 Simple Tips for Posing the Wedding Party Well
Image by Matt Kennedy Photos


8. Mix the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

After you take a few traditional photos of the wedding party, rearrange them. Have each

bridesmaid stand next to the groomsman she walked down the aisle with. This is a quick way to

create a formal photo that showcases the wedding party in a different way, with the bride and

groom still in the center.


Once you master the art of posing, you will have an easier time working with the bride and

groom, plus their wedding party. What are quick ways for you to sharpen your posing skills and

use them during your upcoming shoots? In our free Guide, Posing for the Wedding Photographer, we share how to quickly and confidently pose in any scenario. Download it today!






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December 15, 2016

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