7 Things to do BEFORE Busy Season | Part 7 | Take Advantage of Your Momentum!

Busy season is fast approaching for many of us and we want you to enter this season prepared and ready to rock it! We’re sharing 7 MUST-DO action steps before the busy season arrives. Check them out below!

1) The Emergency Kit!

2) Create & Update Your Client Workflow

3) Avoid the Shooting “Hangover” – Get in Shape!

4) Equipment & Gear Prep

5) Don’t Be Overwhelmed This Season!

6) Boost Your Backup

7) Take Advantage of Your Momentum!



Where on earth did Taylor Swift go? One of the most popular singers seems to have flown off the radar these last few years, or is it just me? Ever notice that when a famous singer releases a new album that you see them everywhere? They are on every talk show, they are in the news, active on social media, and they stay at the top of our minds!

This sort of strategy can also apply to us as photographers! When your clients see you behind the scenes working, releasing wedding tips on blog posts, and shooting a lot, they will perceive that you are in high demand! For us, the summer months are crazy with weddings and other shoots, it would be easy to wait a few months to work on “promoting” ourselves, but in doing that you could be missing out on a big opportunity to create BUZZ and demand for your next season! This can even apply to you when you don’t have a lot of shoots booked. Take advantage of what you have!


7 MUST-DO Action Steps Before Busy Season - For Photographers!


Here are ways to take advantage of this busy season:


1) Post Often

Share your work. Post photos that your audience can connect with. One way to get your audience to connect with your photos is by telling stories! When clients open up with how they met, what they like to do as a family or a couple, where they went to high school… pay attention! Write all of these little things down, as you can use them to tell stories. Maybe your post could be “Jen didn’t think of herself as a “catch” as she walked around her high school in her favorite pair of bell-bottom jeans and running shoes every day, but Jeff had eyes on her right away! After Jeff asked her on a date 4 times, Jen finally agreed and Jeff was able to win her over with his charm. Today they celebrate becoming husband and wife, where Jeff made the promise to continue to pursue her forever.” Your audience will connect to these two more than a post that says “loved shooting Jeff & Jen’s beautiful wedding”.


2) Share your Behind the Scenes

Reality shows, Youtube videos, and Instagram Stories have become incredibly popular in our culture because people like seeing what goes on behind the scenes!! They like seeing real life! We have a great opportunity to show off what we do during a shoot, a wedding day or just our interactions in everyday life! Don’t forget to take photos and/or videos of you working. If you have to ask a bridesmaid or bring an assistant! Remember to still be choosy on what you showcase with things you think your audience may be interested in. This is tough if you have kids because we as parents like to take videos and photos of them all the time, but if 80% of your posts and Instagram stories are about your kids, you may lose connection with the couples getting married as they can’t relate to that stage of life yet!


7 MUST-DO Action Steps Before Busy Season - For Photographers!


7 MUST-DO Action Steps Before Busy Season - For Photographers!


3) Stand Out and Connect with Vendors

What better opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your vendors than when they actually get to experience working with you! Obviously, things will most likely be hectic on the actual day of shooting but look for ways you can stand out and help them. If you shoot weddings, this can start before the big day. Send out a personal email to each vendor to introduce yourself and let them know that you are available to help in any way. Then on the actual day you can follow this up by introducing yourself in person and looking for ways you can help; offer them a granola bar, or get them a water at the reception when you go to grab your own, and even taking photos of them working behind the scenes! Simple things can go a long way. After the big day, don’t forget to send them images they can use and suggest connecting on Facebook or Instagram so you can better continue your relationship and keep up with what each other is doing!


Perception is reality! When potential clients see that you are in high demand, they want you too! Remember to take advantage of the time you are working to create a BUZZ that will reap the benefits for your next season!


7 MUST-DO Action Steps Before Busy Season - For Photographers!

December 19, 2017

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