5 Key Steps to Relocating Your Business

Life is fluid and sometimes that can be hard to deal with as a business owner.  You hustle and build this creative business that you love, only to have life shoot you a curve ball of crazy.  Often times we adjust and carry on without a single issue but sometimes it isn’t so easy.  Imagine that thriving business is growing and exploding with referrals in its third or sixth year in business, only to learn that your spouses corporate job is reassigning them clear across the country.  Panic sets in as you realize that all the SEO, client base, and vendor networking just went out the window.


Can I paint a different picture for you?  One where panic doesn’t set in and fear is kicked to the curb as a sense of excitement and adventure take over.  That is how we feel every three to four years when we have to uproot and relocate my photography business.  You see, my husband works in a job that requires us to move like clockwork and we have gotten that move down to a science.  We see each move as an opportunity to photograph and learn in new regions of the country.


These moves don’t happen by magic or overnight.  It takes work and implementation of a system that has been finessed over time.  So if you are facing relocating your business, here are five key things you can do to make that move work for you:


1) Communicate

Let your current and past clients know what is happening long before you physically move.  Ask them if they know anyone they can connect you to in your new area.


2) SEO

Once that move is confirmed change your SEO.  This is one of those things that needs to be outsourced.  I have bootstrapped it myself and while I made it work . . I was REALLY tired.


3) Reach Out

Start getting to know the vendors in the new area you are moving to.  Don’t wait until you are physically there.


For moving should be a daring adventure rather than a fearful journey.


4) Social Media

I can’t tell you how many photographers I have mentored who are struggling with a move and haven’t updated their social media contact information to where they have relocated to.  A confused mind says no and if your potential clients are confused about where you are located, they will go somewhere else.


5) Party

Host a party or event in your new location to introduce yourself to the community.


Lastly, head into a move with a heart to serve, and serve well.  Consider how you can use your unique skill set to come into that community knowing you will leave it better and stronger than when you got there.



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5 Key steps to relocating your business by Meredith Ryncarz - The Restart Specialist

April 17, 2017

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