TOP 5 TUESDAY | 5 Blogging Ideas When You Don’t Have Much To Blog About!


#1 –  Useful Information for Brides:


One of the best ways to draw people in to read your blog is to give them information they want or need! If your target market is brides, brainstorm information they may want to know. You may need to compile some research, but here are some ideas to get you started….


  • First Dance songs 
  • The Best Way to include pets in your wedding day
  • 3 things to think about when creating your wedding timeline


#2 – Highlight Different categories of the wedding day:


If you only shot 5 weddings last year, you may be wondering how you can blog the other 360 days of the year with only that many events to share… The truth is, you can probably make 50-100 different blog posts from only ONE wedding!!! Yes, that’s right. Here are some examples….


  • “Why you should keep your grandmother’s broach” and then show off the photo of the bouquet with her grandmother’s broach attached.
  • “Sarah’s wedding invitations were the perfect way to introduce guests to the nautical-theme”
  • “Why John & Sarah’s first look was one that will never be forgotten”
  • “The signature cocktail was a big hit”
  • “A fun way to choose which guests get to eat first”


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#3 – Introduce Great Vendors:


Not only is highlighting other vendors an excellent way to give you more content, but it builds connection with other vendors. If you are posting great things about other vendors, they will be more likely to refer you!


Here are some ideas….


  • Seashell Events helped make this day flawless!
  • The 3 greatest moments with DJ Flex
  • Interview with Cute Cupcakes


#4 – Get personal:


Professional blog posts and facebook statuses are great, but do you know what people really care about and are drawn too…what you are REALLY like? They like seeing you out on a date with your sweetie or the behind the scenes of you helping out at an event. For every 4 or 5 professional posts, you should have at least 1 personal one.


Here are some examples:


  • Your obsession with Panera Bread
  • Your trip to Hawaii
  • Your favorite recipe of the week


#5 – “Favorites” blog posts:


The “best of”’s, the top 10s, your favorites, blog posts are a HUGE HIT!!


This especially works well if you shoot more than a handful of weddings. Find similarities of weddings and choose a category to run with. The one downfall of this is trying to not leave anyone out!



  • Top 5 gorgeous bouquets of the year
  • Top 10 engagement photos
  • Best “first look” moments
  • Best Wedding Party pose
  • Favorite first dances


As you can see, there are so many angles you can choose to write about when it comes to weddings. The same thing works in other areas of photography. Start brainstorming!


November 27, 2017

2 responses on "TOP 5 TUESDAY | 5 Blogging Ideas When You Don't Have Much To Blog About!"

  1. This is great! Such helpful and useful tips! I’m starting to blog more frequently and can’t wait to brainstorm ideas like this! 🙂 Now my hubby and I have one more reason to go out on a date and take a cute pic of ourselves (since with 2 kids, it doesn’t happen often!)… 😉

  2. Naomi!! That’s awesome! We have found those fun pictures of ourselves out on a date end up being the most popular for some reason!! 🙂

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