3 Steps To Make Your Work Stand Out RIGHT NOW!

3 Steps To Make Your Work Stand Out RIGHT NOW!

Original Post By: Amy & Jordan


It’s officially here! Inquiry season. Wedding professionals know that the holiday season is the most popular time of the year for fellas to pop the question, and now that the biggest peak (Christmas and New Year’s Eve) has passed, a lot of brides are settling in and looking for a photographer. Most prospective clients are going to look at our work and decide within minutes (and sometimes only seconds!) whether they want to move forward and contact us, so we want to make sure that the portfolio that they’re looking through on our website is fresh, updated and curated. We believe that all photographers should be in constant pursuit of growth, and that we are getting better all the time, so if the work on our website is old and outdated, it’s not the best reflection of what brides can expect from us. We try to update our portfolio every few months, and this time of year, it’s especially important! Updating and curating your website portfolio is one thing you can do right now without spending a dime that will make a big difference this year. We all want to give potential brides the best chance to make an educated decision about us, and an updated portfolio is a HUGE part of that decision! We just went through our portfolio again this week, and wanted to share a few tips you can use to help you update yours:


1) Update regularly
Update your portfolio RIGHT NOW! Really, right now! You’ll be so happy you did! There could be a potential bride out there right this instant who is looking for someone just like you, she just doesn’t know it yet! When we coach photographers, we always look at their website, but a lot of times when they find out we’re about to look at it they say something like, “Oh no… please don’t look at that! It’s so old!” And we’ve so been there! Photographers are incredibly busy, hard-working business owners and we have a million hats to wear that sometimes something as simple as updating our portfolio gets pushed to the very bottom of our to-do list, but it is so important, especially this time of year, that we need to make it a priority. A potential bride doesn’t know if our work is old or outdated or if we have better work somewhere else! She only knows what she she can see, so let’s all do our brides a service and show them the very best!

2) Limit your portfolio to 20-25 images
This can be a hard one for all of us too, because we all feel so emotionally attached to the images we take, but keeping in mind that most potential brides can make a snap judgement in a matter of seconds, we want to limit each portfolio to somewhere between 20-25 images, so that they can see a brief overview of our favorite work, and quickly decide whether it’s the best fit for them. If they want to see more images, they can easily find our blog and scroll through an endless amount of images, but the portfolio on our website should be a quick showcase of intentionally selected work so that they can get straight to contacting us. Also, limiting ourselves to a small number of images helps push us to be strong curators and show our brides the best!

3) Show what you LOVE to shoot
We love joyful and intimate bride and groom portraits, beautiful details and emotional moments. When we get to shoot those three things, our little photographer hearts feel so full, so when you look at our portfolio, you’re going to see exactly that: beautiful details, joyful and intimate bride and groom portraits and emotional moments. So what do you love to shoot? Epic environmental images? Iconic bridal portraits? Dramatically lit reception photos? As a service to your future clients, make sure your portfolio is packed with the answer to that question. When we show what we love to shoot, we attract our ideal brides, the ones who love the same things we do! They love it, we love it! It’s a beautiful thing!

So let’s make it happen, friends! Today is the day to make your portfolio a true reflection of you!




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May 31, 2016

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