#1 Tips from Moms in Business

Yesterday we shared the most important thing to remember for moms in business: MOMS & DADS CAN’T DO IT ALL!! So now that we all understand that we’re not super-human, we’ll be spending the rest of this week sharing our best tips and tricks from the industry’s top moms about how to balance your business and family!


What is the #1 tip you would give to photographers running a business and being mom?


JODY GRAY of Zach & Jody Photography

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Stop the comparison game. It is so easy to see what everyone else is doing with their businesses and feel like we have to do the exact same thing. We have to book XX many portrait sessions. We have to have be charging tons and making a buttload just like the leading professionals are. We have to be offering X, Y, and Z to our clients. We have to be doing pre-consultations and post-consultations and five sales sessions, etc. etc… You get the point. We hold ourselves to the standard of others, and oftentimes for no reason… (and here’s a secret: many of them don’t have kids to take care of!!! It’s not fair to compare yourself to them.)

Awhile back, Zach and I did a coaching session for a mom-tographer who wanted us to talk through our sales sessions and look over her pricing so she could book more clients and make more money. After taking her through the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals exercise, as we often do with those we coach, she realized that she didn’t NEED to be doing all of that. She didn’t need the income (her hubby made enough) and the whole reason she had her photography was so she could simply have a creative outlet. She was pressuring herself to do all this stuff and make her business be this big thing just because that’s what she thought she was supposed to do because everyone else was doing it. Granted, not all of you reading this have the luxury of not needing to bring in an income, but maybe you can work on outsourcing. Whatever does not need your unique voice or thumbprint, you don’t need to be doing it. It’s worth it to hire someone for $10/hour to do that stuff for you so you can spend that time focusing on getting new clients in the door or BE A MOM!

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ALYCIA WHITE of Alycia White Photography

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REALLY decide what your priorities are. It is sometimes so effortless to throw ourselves into our work because we love it so much but our first calling is the be our babies’ mommies. Prioritize and schedule your time to reflect that. Your clients can absolutely work around the schedule that is best for you and your family.



ASHLEY SCOBEY of Scobey Photography

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Give yourself SO MUCH GRACE. Grace upon grace upon grace. Let yourself mess up and do better next time. Things will slip through the cracks and balls will get dropped – it’s a part of beautiful mess that is life as an entrepreneur, so don’t beat yourself up when things aren’t perfect.



CARISSA KENNEDY of Matt Kennedy Photography

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We can’t do it all. I get overwhelmed often thinking of all the responsibilities a lot of us have with running businesses, volunteering in church, some of you have another job on the side AND then dealing with field trips, sippy cups, feeding our families and don’t forget making sure everyone has clean, matching socks. Be ok with doing less. Figure out what is the most important things for you to do and either be ok with not doing the other things or outsource. MOMS if you are spending many days editing, you need to be ok with making the investment to outsource. Find out what YOU need to do in your business and home and figure out what you DON’T need to do in your business and home and get help with these areas. You may make less money, but all of that extra time you can spend on your family and your marriage is priceless. It is a valuable investment for sure!


LATASHA HAYNES of Ike & Tash Photography

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The same grace you extend to your clients, your husband, and those who serve and work for you, extend to yourself.  It takes a special kind of women to take on motherhood and entrepreneurship and we get pulled in 1000x plus directions.  Go easy on yourself, speak kindness and love over yourself and take a little of that pressure off to be perfect and just enjoy the example that you are being and the opportunity you have to do both!  



VERONICA BRASHLER of Drew Brashler Photography

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Running a business and being a mom are both more-than-full-time jobs! Our to-do lists are never ending on both sides and we can easily get caught up for an entire day only focused on one job. Scheduling your time is often the most boring, but effective way to get it all done. We made our own planner that has sections for both our work life and our home life, so we can set goals and stay focused throughout the day. The summer is an especially difficult time because everyone is home! We’ve been setting our alarms to wake us 2 hours before the kids get out of bed, so we can have clear heads and quiet space to get blog posts written and emails answered.




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Realize some days you are going to be an amazing business woman/photographer and some days are you going to be an amazing mom but it is hard to do both at the same time. Maybe in the morning you rock your business but not motherhood. That is okay because in the afternoon you can rock being a mom and let your business suffer a little. There really isn’t balance. It’s just learning and accepting that you can’t truly have balance and that is okay.

Photo Credit: Bethadilly Photography


We’ll be sharing blogs for moms every day this week, so be sure to come back tomorrow!




Top Tips from Moms in Business!

August 18, 2016

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